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Google’s Internal Google+ Critic Calls Post “Great-Granddaddy of all Reply-All Screwups in Tech History”

Earlier this month, Google software engineer Steve Yegge wrote a long post on Google+, which he meant to share internally, with Google employees, but accidentally shared it publicly before deleting it. A few people saw the post and were able to capture it before it was deleted, and then it got a whole lot of attention in the tech industry. …

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Googler Calls Google+ a “Knee-Jerk Reaction” and “A Study in Short-term Thinking”

Consider this a lesson in how not to use Google+. And to think, the Circles feature was designed to give you more control over who sees what… A Google software engineer, Steve Yegge, had some less than favorable things to say about his employer’s social networking service Google+. You know, the one that Google says “is Google.” Find this story …

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