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Microsoft Announces Another Round of Job Cuts
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Update: VentureBeat reports: "We’ve learned that Massive, the company’s in-game advertising business, suffered something like 75 percent layoffs."

Report: Ballmer, Bartz Talking Partnerships
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Everyone – and we know there must be a lot of you – who would rather not hear more about potential Microsoft-Yahoo deals should get ready to abandon the Internet for a little while.  It looks like a fresh round of rumors is on the way, led by a report that the two companies are discussing partnerships. 

Steve Ballmer

Interestingly, Steve Ballmer and Carol Bartz are supposed to be personally involved, which implies that some rather high-powered negotiations are taking place.  But it’s been said that a flat-out acquisition isn’t on the table this time.

CEOs Say The Darnedest Things
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A year later, a Microsoft and Yahoo assault on Google still can’t be ruled out. Steve Ballmer says he’s still interested, and even though Yahoo’s new chief won’t kiss and tell, her apparent lack of confidence in her company is telling enough.

And what does Google CEO Eric Schmidt have to say to potential MicroHoo, search, and Twitter competition?

Good luck, kids.

Microsoft Launches Windows Mobile 6.5
· 15

Microsoft has introduced a new version of its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5 at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain.

Windows Mobile 6.5 home screen features a dashboard-like experience offering information on new emails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments. Microsoft has added an improved touch-screen interface that makes it more finger friendly.

Microsoft Blurts Out Bad Q2 Info
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This morning at Microsoft, it seems that someone sighed, "Let’s get it over with."  The company has released a fourth quarter financial report that wasn’t supposed to turn up until after trading hours, and the numbers in it aren’t pretty.

Ballmer Hints At Giving Up On Zune At CES

Recent by comments by Microsoft executives have led to speculation that Microsoft may abandon the Zune.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer declared at CES that consumers increasingly were moving away from one task devices like the Zune towards smart phones while at the same time stating flatly that no Zune phone was in the works.

Ballmer Talks Windows 7 Beta, Dell Deal At CES
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Steve Ballmer didn’t drop many jaws with his keynote speech at CES yesterday; for better or for worse, he didn’t confirm or deny rumors about Zune phones, deals with Yahoo, or 15,000 layoffs.  Still, Microsoft’s CEO got into some interesting stuff, touching on the subjects of Windows 7, search, and a top social network.

Ballmer Ignores Yang, Rules Out Yahoo Acquisition
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Even the harshest critics of Steve Ballmer will have to admit one thing: in regards to not buying Yahoo, he’s been consistent for a long time now.  At a shareholder meeting today, Ballmer said that he still has no interest in a total acquisition, and Yahoo’s stock has taken a nosedive of around 20.9 percent as a result.

Ballmer (Yet Again) Rejects Idea Of Yahoo Acquisition

Earlier this week, Jerry Yang insisted that it’s in Microsoft’s best interest to buy Yahoo, and that he doesn’t regret any of what’s transpired.  We compared him to Monty Python’s Black Knight character.  Now, Steve Ballmer seems to have pulled a King Arthur and walked away from the whole mess.

Ballmer: Android Does Not Compute
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CEOs can be terribly stiff, always either reading from statements or phrasing things in the most cautious and neutral way possible.  Steve Ballmer doesn’t suffer from this problem, however, and the Microsoft CEO mocked Google’s Android operating system while at an investor briefing in Australia.

Ballmer Talks About Yahoo!
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been talking about Yahoo again. According to MarketWatch, Ballmer said the deal would still "make sense economically."

Microsoft Creating Still More Search Centers
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We think Microsoft might just be rubbing it in at this point.  Even as Yahoo’s stock plunges and major layoffs are rumored to be on the way, Steve Ballmer has announced that his company is opening research centers in London, Munich, and Paris.

Ballmer Gives Economic Warning

Microsoft’s stock managed to go up by 6.72 percent today, which undid a great deal of damage and put the company ahead of its opening price from Friday.  Just the same, Steve Ballmer has taken the unusual step of warning onlookers that the economic problems are likely to affect everyone.

Microsoft Picks Norway To Host Enterprise Search Efforts

So much for Redmond and Washington.  According to an announcement made by none other than Steve Ballmer, Microsoft is moving its main development center for enterprise search technology to Oslo, Norway.

Ballmer Calls Search A Five-Year Task
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The latest Microsoft-related news has been more about Seinfeld, Vista, and Windows 7 than anything else.  Steve Ballmer recently made some public comments on another subject, though, and it turns out that the CEO remains as committed as ever to competing with Google in search.

Microsoft Says Yahoo Deal Was About Search

Microsoft executives said the company does not plan to make a slew of Internet acquisitions since it ended its bid for Yahoo.

There has been speculation that Microsoft would possibly buy Facebook, which it has a small stake in or Time Warner’s AOL along with a number of other companies.

Microsoft Leaves Door Open For Yahoo Deal
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Microsoft claims it is through with its acquisition plans of Yahoo according to Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy Officer Craig Mundie.

Bill Gates Okay With Ballmer’s Decisions
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Recounting the recent Microsoft-Yahoo stuff would be a waste of space; we all know what happened and who was involved.  One name rarely came up, though, and in case anyone was wondering what Bill Gates thought about the outcome, well . . . he doesn’t seem to have lost sleep over it.

Yahoo Still Standing After Closing Bell
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Ben Franklin might not have agreed, but after Microsoft withdrew its offer, the drop in Yahoo’s stock became as certain as death and taxes.  The only surprise was that, after a full day of trading, the drop was more of a dip than a plunge.

Microsoft Is Done Pursuing Yahoo!

Microsoft announced it will not be going forward with its plan to buy Yahoo, after it was clear the two sides could not agree on a price, and Steve Ballmer elected not to risk his entire career on the deal.

Here are some links about the news:

Steve Ballmer’s Yahoo Acquistion Options

As Microsoft weighs its acquisition options with Yahoo, it’s interesting that its board is pretty much leaving the decision to CEO Steve Ballmer. Could it be that Ballmer’s next move be the one that decides his future at Microsoft?

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