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Wolfram SystemModeler Takes on Large-Scale System Modeling

The Wolfram Group today announced its new SystemModeler product, a high-fidelity modeling environment that creates computable, large-scale systems using symbols and a drag-and-drop interface. The software integrates the Wolfram technology platform to enable analysis and reporting, integrating the modeling and engineering phases of design. The announcement of SystemModeler came on the Wolfram Blog, in a post by Stephen Wolfram himself. …

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Wolfram Proposes .data TLD

Stephen Wolfram, the scientist behind Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, says he’s been involved with the worldwide data community in coordinating the creation of a .data top-level Internet domain, which would highlight the exposure of data across the Internet, “and providing added impetus for organizations to expose data in a way that can efficiently be found and accessed.” In a post …

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iPhone 4S Siri Demo, Wolfram, Schmidt & A Scary Phone Ad

People are still waiting to get their hands on the new iPhone, but you can still see some hands-on demos. Also, check out the ad that’s apparently scaring children in the UK, and may get banned for violating ad standards. Pretty lame if you ask me. For more daily video round-ups, go here. MacRumors points to a pair of iPhone …

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