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Stroke Recovery Aided by Stem Cells, Study Shows

A new study has shown that stem cells may aid recovery in rats that have suffered a stroke. The study, published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy, found that stem cell treatments improved the amount of brain and nerve tissue that was repaired and increased the ability of the rats to complete behavioral tasks. Researchers used stem cells …

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Lung Cancer Research Could Get Boost From New Stem Cell Findings

New research conducted at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Cancer Institute suggests that lung cancer stem cells can be successfully isolated and grown in a preclinical model. Such a process could provide a new method for investigating immunotherapy treatment options that target lung cancer stem cells. “Increasing evidence supports the idea that cancerous tumors have a population of stem cells, …

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Deafness Cure Demonstrated in Gerbils Using Stem Cells

Researchers at the University of Sheffield have developed a possible cure for deafness that utilizes human embryonic stem cells, turning them into ear cells. The researchers found that when they transplanted human embryonic stem cells into deaf gerbils, the gerbils gained an average “functional recovery” of 46%. This recovery took only four weeks from when the cells were first administered. …

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