Status Articles

Blogs Reaching ‘iPod’ Status

The USA Today has a feature on the rise of blogs as a platform for social interaction.

Business at a Crossroads: Growth or Status Quo

Mary found her successful business at a major crossroads.

Microsoft Guy Talking Firefox Extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.”

Battle Begins Over Vista Setup Screens

Ars reports that the U.S. Department of Justice has received a complaint from a company, likely HP, that Microsoft is not complying with earlier antitrust rulings in regards to the Windows Vista setup process.

AOL Ends Truveo Startup Status

The video search engine Truveo didn’t spend very much time as a stand-alone company, as AOL came calling with a briefcase full of money and left with the business in hand.

Success Hammers Blogging Sites

Six Apart and Bloglines have had performance issues as spikes in usage push the capabilities of their data centers to the limit.

Welcome To The Googleconomy

Information is power. Google knows that. It also knows that information is money, lots of it. The up-until-recently-only-a search company has the world’s most powerful and wealthy corporations reexamining how they see life, the universe, and everything.

Blogging The Status Quo

If ever you’ve taken a course in media, communication, or journalism, then it was impossible to escape the phrase, “the media tells people not what to think, but what to think about.” With the advent of broadband, the weblog and other citizen journalism outlets, that fundamental tenet of media theory may reverse itself.

Blog Readership Near Mainstream Status

With 50 million US-based readers in the first quarter of 2005, blogs have moved beyond a simple self-publishing niche.

Google Introduces Sidebar Plug-ins

It seems as if Internet companies, especially search engines, are releasing utilities that allow users to “mod” them (develop 3rd party add-on widgets) by using software development kits (SDK) and application programming interfaces (API).

DMOZ Closes Site Submission Status Forum

The nature of the DMOZ directory dictates the use of human editors to populate the index. Because of this, DMOZ has been a topic of discussion amongst many who feel they’ve been treated unfairly.

Kerkorian Undeterred By GM Junk Status

The downgrade of GM’s debt by rating agency Standard and Poor’s has not stopped the planned purchase of 28 million shares.

Firefox Extensions For Google Users
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It seems 39% of my website’s readers are browsing with Mozilla Firefox, with a dwindling 49% on Internet Explorer. In light of this, I thought it would be useful to list all the Firefox extensions I could find that perform some sort of function relating to Google.

Debug and Show commands for ISDN

The major reason I recommend getting your hands on real Cisco equipment rather than a simulator is that real Cisco routers give you the chance to practice and learn show and debug commands.

Three Must-Have Firefox Extensions for Blog Readers and Writers

The Firefox browser is an amazing product in its own right that’s packed with great features like tabbed browsing, but it’s even more powerful when you install optional extensions. Here are three that are well worth the install for both busy blog readers and writers…

Shake Up the Status Quo

If you want to get noticed, you need to do something that makes you stand out from the crowd. The last article that appeared in this column, “I Don’t Want to Build a Damn List,” is a prime example. It made people stop and think. It stood out from the normal drivel, and made people go “Wow, that’s the most refreshing thing I’ve read on the topic lately!”

Business Structures Defined: The S-Corporation

An S Corporation begins its existence the same way that a “C-Corporation” (discussed here) begins its existence — as a general, for-profit corporation upon filing the Articles of Incorporation at the state level.