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Alexa Attempts to Crush Statsaholic

Amazon’s bullying tactics make my blood pressure rise.

Like Statsaholic? Boycott Alexa

Alexa’s lawsuit against Ron Hornbaker to shut down his Statsaholic (formerly Alexaholic) has spurred calls for retaliation against Alexa by boycotting its services.

Will Blogosphere Force Amazon to Withdraw Lawsuit?
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been caught saying one thing and doing another. According to ZDNet, while Bezos was chatting at the Web 2.0 conference and promoting his company’s S3 hosting service to the crowd, he was quietly suing the pants off of Alexaholic.

Web 2.0 Expo: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Keynote
Bezos takes the stage. Intro remarks: all about Amazon Web Services, which is exhibiting here. The roster includes SQS, Mechanical Turk, S3, EC2.
Amazon Puts Statsaholic On The Wagon
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The site formerly known as Alexaholic has proceeded from being lauded by Alexa’s owner, Amazon.com, to being the object of Amazon’s unpleasant, lawyerly advances.