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How to Measure a Blog’s Influence

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is: “What is the best way to date to gauge the influence/impact of a blog”.

What are Usage Statistics?

Usage Statistics are very important to have. They give you endless amounts of data that you can use to shape the future of your own Web site. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can find out if your latest idea is working or what you might need to do to get more visitors to your Web site. Anybody who wants a successful Web site Online needs usage statistics about their visitors.

Secret Search Engine Insider Statistics…

Which Search engines provide the most relevancy for website ad producers & SEO specialists? I believe the answer is in letting the market (the end user) decide which search engine brings the most meat to the table. This can easily be determined by viewing the little known unique visitor statistics of the top search engines. Could knowing which search engines are receiving the most traffic aid you in SEO, and thus increase traffic to your own website? The very thought is extremely tantalizing.

What Do Your Site Statistics Mean, Anyway?

The purpose of analyzing your web site statistics is to look for trends and to research the success level of your marketing campaigns. The numbers themselves can be misleading, as statistical packages count “hits” in different ways. If someone visits a page on your site doesn’t mean that they read it completely.

Searches Performed : Lies and Statistics

Yahoo abruptly quit using Google as a search partner last week in a surprise move that has the search industry now scrambling for statistics to analyze and numbers to bandy about. I’d like to share some rarely discussed statistics and numbers with you here. First the numbers and stats from the press, then I’ll share a few of my own. Here are the stats that are getting the most attention for the Yahoo search story.

Your Top Five Biggest Affiliate Program Mistakes

In this article I will show affiliate managers the mistakes they should avoid if they want to build a successful affiliate program.

Understanding Your Website’s Traffic Statistics
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If you want to know how much traffic is coming to your site, which pages are bringing the most traffic, where are your visitors coming from, and when is traffic coming in, you just have to analyze your website’s statistics.

Looking for Trouble: ICMP and IP Statistics to Watch

During the US/Canada road show this past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to share many of my favorite tools, tricks and techniques for network troubleshooting and cybercrime detection and testing.

The Top 10 Bully-at-a-Glance Statistics

From the US Hostile Workplace Survey, 2000.

About mobbing, bullying and harassment, Jim Landgraf, president of Education Testing Service said: “We don’t see $8 billion worth of antidepressants in this country for nothing. The corporate culture is so accepting of these kinds of aggressive actions, it’s not going to go away.”

Web Writing for the World: Five Tips On Writing For Global Readers

They’re on the web in great numbers, they are your users, and American English is not their first language. They may be across the world or across the street. Who are they? They are global readers, and if you’re doing business on the web, you can’t afford to dismiss them. Global Reach at http://www.glreach.com/globstats/ estimates that 510 million non-native English speakers will be online by 2003. That’s more than half the online population! How can you welcome these global users and make your site easy for them to use? Here are our five writing tips for making your web site universal.

Check Your Statistics – It Can Save Your Traffic!

When I check my site statistics – I get a WEALTH of information – you need to check your stats out, too – you can reclaim lost traffic, find out the sites people go to most, and better your traffic.

For instance, when I look at the “errors” information, I see sites people “tried” to go to but found there to be no site, or perhaps tried to send an email to a wrong address – you can now make a copy of a real page and save it as the error page, or rename it on FTP and then upload the real page back.

What Your Website Statistics Can Tell You …

Do you always know what’s going on at your website ? How many unique visitors you had and which pages they looked at ? If not , you should consult your best friend, your best colleague and your relative for everything that is related to your online business : Your website statistics !

How to Test Your Web Site Usability

When designing a web site, you are never sure how it appears to all people. This is because people use different browsers, resolutions, computers and connection speeds to the Internet. Your site may look good with your browser, but absolutely horrendous in other browsers. This is why you should test the usability of your site, before you expose it to the world.

How to Understand Your Website’s statistics

In the early days of the Internet it was common to visit a web site and see a counter informing you that “you are the 118,456th visitor to this site”, and various webmasters would proudly talk of how many “hits” their sites were getting. Now, things have changed and you will mostly find counters on amateur sites, and wiser webmasters now know that the term “hits” doesn’t really mean much.

The term hit refers to a request for a file on your web site. When someone visits your web page, they request your URL, but in order to see the page, they also have to get all the graphic files that are located on your page. So, one visitor to your page may be requesting 25 different files, and thus you have 25 hits.

7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website

As some of you probably now know, WebTrends Live no longer offer the free Personal Edition of their statistics tracker.

Designing by Numbers — Statistics and No Lies!

Stats tell us a myriad of things, some even useful and we’re accustomed to using them in our marketing and selling processes. Frequently abused and made to say what WE want, but here I am merely considering them in ways that influence site design … and, I believe, letting the numbers speak for themselves.