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8 Good Holiday Season Stats for Internet Retailers

Forrester has some great statistics related to the holiday season for online retailers:

eBay Works To Keep Buyers, Sellers Interested

I’ve never had a serious grudge against eBay or complaint about its site.  Nonetheless, it’s been months since I’ve visited an online auction for personal reasons, and eBay is trying hard to reverse this sort of behavior.

Teens Not Loyal To One Social Network

If a social network user is dedicated enough to use two social networks concurrently, it might not be all that surprising that those same networkers spend, on average, more time at both sites. Networkers are networkers after all.

29% Of Technorati Top 100 Never Hit Digg Home Page

I heard about this story from Glen yesterday about his extensive research into the correlation between the Technorati 100 and Digg home page stories.

Nielsen//NetRatings (Still) Sets Google At #1

Friday is the end of the workweek.  The day should move along quickly, smoothly, and without any surprises.  In that spirit, then, we bring you the results of the latest Nielsen//NetRatings search share rankings: in May of 2007, Google was still on top.

Wikipedia / Wikimedia Traffic

Leuksman.com published some revealing statistics on Wikimedia traffic.

Explosive Mobile Web Growth

Bango this week published statistics that confirm that the United States is at the forefront of a mobile web growth with a three-fold increase in usage over the last year. This rapid rise, taking the US to second position behind the UK, is being fuelled by the increasing popularity of mobile search as a way of finding new content and services.

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Resources

At Social Media Systems we’ve been discussing how to build out a healthy blogroll, both to aid our visitors, provide valuable content, and to enhance our social media marketing campaigns.

Twitter – Short, Sweet & Sleek

Alright, Twitter has suddenly attained the status of a notoriously popular Application. After being fueled by SXSW, everybody else is talking about Twitter including those who don’t even have a blog. Talks in the Blogosphere have spit out stats that Twitter got 1 million messages sent recently. Finally after about a year of its launch, Twitter has won.

Time To Play

On the whole, Google’s search properties are doing well – a recent analysis showed a 24% year-over-year improvement. There’s a lot of variation among those properties, however. Google Video was the clear winner, with a gain of 545%, but Froogle, Google Alerts, and Google Local all suffered losses.

Yahoo Miles Above Google for Retention

An interesting, albeit controversial, set of statistics was provided by Compete.com last week outlining the top 20 online properties that a pool of 2,000,000 people spent the most time on in December 2006.

Good Information Security Resources

The month of Apple Bugs is just about over with, and the Month of Kernel bugs is over with, but still the zero day tracker keeps on plugging along and giving out some interesting information that is of a lot of use.

Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau Microsoft Releasing Web Analytics Tool: Gastineau

Marshall Sponder turned me on to a post from Ian Thomas at Microsoft confirming the rumors that Microsoft is building a web analytics application code named Gastineau.

Leveraging Statistics and Duping Mainstream Media

From large scale stat providers right down to the smallest detail it is easy to take a statistic out of context and draw false conclusions from it.

Windows Defender for XP Leaves Beta

Microsoft has released another fine piece of software, Windows Defender for Windows XP. Some new features the final release has over the most recent beta:

Search Landscape Statistics

Here’s the most interesting stats pulled from SEJ’s coverage of “The Search Landscape” session at SES.

FyberSearch Adds Keyword Statistics Tool

News from Nathan Enns.

Study Says 75% of All Blog Pings Are Spam

According to a study performed at UMBC eBiquity Research Group at the University of Maryland, nearly three out of every four pings to blog ping servers are from splogs – or what they’re calling spings!

Lies and Statistics – the Unix Server Market

“There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.” The source of that truth seems to be unknown, but it’s sure on the mark for statistics reported in the Unix server market.

Verizon Rings Up Pay For Calls SEM System

Verizon plans to announce an updated version of pay-per-click at this year’s Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, according to Pandia’s Paul Bruemmer. SuperPages.com will feature ads that link directly to businesses’ phones to help seal the deal on a more personal level though a system Verizon calls “Pay For Calls.”

Blog Statistics Packages
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A number of bloggers have recently asked me to write something about statistics packages – particularly to talk about the stats systems that I use and what features in them that I analyse.