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Staten Island Clown: Creepy Prank After All?

Outside of horror movies featuring homicidal killers in make-up or demonic clowns with razor sharp teeth, I confess I’ve found no real reason to be scared of clowns. I don’t get the humor much of the time, but real-life clowns always struck me as harmless. The tiny cars, throwing pies, big rubber shoes—All in good fun, right? Well, whoever is …

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Staten Island Clown Freaks Locals Out

For the past several days, social media has been abuzz with rumors and pics about some creepy clown who is popping up around Staten Island, New York. The clown has been seen standing along roadsides and sidewalks at night, handing out balloons, waving at cars. But this isn’t some cheery-looking Bozo of a fellow. This is a John Wayne Gacy, …

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