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Erica Garner Tweets NYPD Cop’s Address

Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner–who was killed in July when an officer on Staten Island allegedly placed him in a chokehold–has tweeted out the address Justin D’Amico, one of the officers involved. The tweet was viewed by hundreds of people on Twitter before the social media site removed it. A source with the NYPD said that the “disgusting” …

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Staten Island Clown: Creepy Prank After All?

Outside of horror movies featuring homicidal killers in make-up or demonic clowns with razor sharp teeth, I confess I’ve found no real reason to be scared of clowns. I don’t get the humor much of the time, but real-life clowns always struck me as harmless. The tiny cars, throwing pies, big rubber shoes—All in good fun, right? Well, whoever is …

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Wild Turkey Revenge: Flocks Crowd NYC Neighborhood

Wild turkeys have been flocking to Staten Island for years, where residents are having to go out of their way to avoid encounters. Some residents are fed up, while others welcome the whimsy of the impromptu natural attraction. However, the differences of opinion are getting heated, as the city has begun rounding up masses of turkeys and having them slaughtered. …

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Staten Island Pizza Shop Owner Bites Mans Ear

I swear this is how it started in “Dawn of the Dead” didn’t it? A couple of stories here and there. Like a man eating another mans face in Miami, and a man eating another man’s brain and heart in Baltimore? Well, now we get the story of a pizza shop owner in Saten Island New York City who bit …

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