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Report: Bing Replaces Yahoo as Number 2
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Research reported by StatCounter says that Microsoft’s new Bing search engine has taken over Yahoo for the second place slot in search market share. Clearly, it’s getting a lot of attention since it just launched, so let’s keep this in context.

Bing Loses Ground After Fast Rise

Sorry, Bing fans, but Microsoft’s new search engine seems to have stumbled before it even cleared the figurative gates.  Fresh statistics from two different sources indicate that visits to Bing are already dropping.

Firefox 3 Catches Internet Explorer 6
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Mozilla Firefox 3 surpassed Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 for the first time in February, according to monthly data from StatCounter.

Internet Explorer 7 continues to lead worldwide with 41 percent market share but Firefox 3 is now in second place with 24 percent market share.

Tracking Blog Effectiveness

There are a lot of data points that can be meaningful for tracking blog effectiveness.

That is, tracking what happens when visitors arrive at and engage with your blog content. It really comes down to the purpose of your blog. Metrics for a blog that’s focused on making a web site more search engine friendly by adding crawlable content and attracting links is quite different than a blog that’s meant to build thought leadership or brand credibility.

IP Labeling Added to StatCounter

StatCounter has made yet another addition to their web analytics framework by adding the ability to label IP addresses that visit your site.

Here’s the offical post from the StatCounter Forum:

How this gives value to users:

- Help you identify click fraudsters

The 12 Main Sources of Blog Traffic

Something odd happened about ten days ago, and it got me thinking about hidden blog traffic. 

As many of you who read this content directly on my blog might have noticed, I publish my Feedburner RSS subscriber count on the right hand sidebar of my blog.  For those of you reading this on one of the sites that syndicates my writing or through an RSS reader, you might not have seen it but for months the count typically hovered between 700 and 900 readers. 

StatCounter Integrates with Google Maps

Something I do everyday is log-in to StatCounter to see how some of my sites are doing, today I received the following message:

A Popular Blog Post Can Be A Double-Edged Sword

What on earth’s going on? was my reaction at about 3.15pm when I happened to notice the little …

How the New Technorati Tags Work

One thing I’ve had some difficulty in fully understanding is how the new Technorati tags work. For instance, I’d regard this post as to do with weblogs.