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Star Trek Command Center Built by NSA Chief Star Trek Command Center Built by NSA Chief
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About a week ago, ForeignPolicy posted an expose by writer Shane Harris about Lt. General Keith Alexander, the current chief of the National Security Agency. That article painted Alexander as a “cowboy” who was less interested in his obligation to …

It May Not Be LEGO, But This KRE-O U.S.S. Enterprise Is Amazing
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There’s no getting around it – I love it when LEGO and nerd properties collide. That’s why I’m so adamant on getting that Portal LEGO set out of committee and into the hands of my fellow nerds everywhere. There are …

Life-Sized Starship Enterprise in Las Vegas

A giant replica of the Starship Enterprise would have drawn Trekkies from all over the world to Las Vegas, but unfortunately, the concept never became a reality. Gary Goddard owns Goddard Entertainment and has made some of the world’s greatest …