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AOL Wins Proxy Battle With Starboard: All Board Members Have Been Re-Elected

AOL released a statement today explaining their proxy battle with activist shareholder, Starboard has come to an end. Today, all of their board members have been re-elected for another term signifying that indeed, none of Starboard’s nominations were welcome additions to the AOL team. Business Insider published a formal statement from the company: “On behalf of AOL’s Board and management …

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Starboard Claims AOL Loses $500 Million a Year on Display Ads

In comScore’s latest report regarding the top 50 internet properties in the U.S., AOL came in at #5, with over 110 million unique visitors during the month of April. It’s clear that AOL has maintained a steady audience regarding its collection of sites, regardless of problems with its ad content. The company did report a 5% increase in ad revenue …

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AOL Informs Starboard their Nominees are Useless

Things haven’t been stellar for AOL lately, but they are performing better than many expected. Months ago, Starboard, one of AOL’s major shareholder, voiced their concerns over AOL’s performance and what could be done to unlock shareholder value. More recently, at the end of February, Starboard issued a formal letter to the AOL board of directors asking that they be …

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AOL Power Struggle Stalls Microsoft Patent Deal

Last week one of AOL’s biggest shareholders, Starboard Value LP, sent a letter to the AOL board of directors calling of a change of direction in the way the company has been operating and making use of its assets. In their letter they call action to help unlock the true value of AOL’s patent portfolio and licensing agreements from those …

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Big AOL Shareholder Starboard Wants New AOL Board, AOL Not So Much

Starboard, one of AOL’s biggest shareholders (5.2%) is apparently unhappy with AOL’s current board, and wrote a letter to the company nominating five new board members. AOL disagrees with Starboard’s assessment that these changes are needed. The whole thing follows a previous letter from Starboard in December, when the shareholder blasted the company’s content strategy. Here’s the new StarBoard letter …

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