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Anne Hathaway: All That Glitters? What Was She Wearing at Met Gala?

Anne Hathaway begs the question is all that glitters really gold? She wore a lot of the color at the Met Gala–in the form of a dress with a strange hood and gold heels, too. It’s likely worth mentioning that Anne Hathaway also carried a gold clutch and accessorized with gold earrings as well. The Ralph Lauren number was a …

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Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Members Arrive in London

Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher were spotted in London over the weekend, where production of Star Wars: Episode VII is soon to begin. While Disney has yet to confirm the inclusion of Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker in the upcoming trilogy of the Star Wars franchise, the London sightings are fairly indicative that the three will …

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Star Wars Paint Splatter To Celebrate Star Wars Day

Star Wars day is on May the 4th. Get it? May the 4th be with you? Anyone? Well because the Star Wars community is so freaken awesome we get to celebrate in style. Over at Behance we get these great splatter art pieces by a very talented Arian Noveir from Ris-Orangis, France. All of these prints are available to purchase …

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Celebrate Star Wars Day With Clone Trooper Mash Ups

I should say AWESOME clone trooper mash ups, because thanks to the sterling work of two Deviant Art aces, we have even more Star Wars content for you to celebrate with, even if you don’t need anymore. Not only do these mash up works capture the feel of the Star Wars universe, because they are mashed up with Marvel superheroes, …

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Enjoy a Sexy Wookie Bubble Bath For Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day! Every May 4th is designated by geeks all over the world as Star Wars day. Why you ask? May 4th. May the 4th be with you. Get it? Yeah. Now that you are appropriately bemused and/or disgusted with that joke, take a look at the palate cleanser below. It features lovely brunette women in a bubble …

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May the Fourth Be With You, Always, On Star Wars Day

You’ve most likely seen the original trilogy, and depending on your age suffered through or enjoyed movies I, II, and III. Star Wars is so much deeper than that, it really has become its own culture, and for some a religion. The amount of stories, characters, and lore surrounding the Star Wars universe could completely rule a person’s life. For …

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