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Star Fox Gets A Fan Film Because Nintendo Isn’t Making A New Game Anytime Soon

You better give up on a new Star Fox game coming anytime soon. Nintendo seems about as interested in resurrecting the franchise as it is in resurrecting the Metroid franchise. In short, it’s not going to happen unless Platinum Games convinces Nintendo to let them make it. As you slowly wipe your tears, just know that fans’ collective love for …

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More Retail Titles Launch On The Nintendo 3DS eShop This Week

Nintendo has been testing the waters of digital content delivery for some time now. The 3DS eShop was their first real effort to bring full games to players everywhere via digital delivery. They took it one step further when they made New Super Mario Bros. 2 available day-one as a digital download. Now they’re making their back catalog available via …

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Metroid-Star Fox Crossover Planned For Wii U [Rumor]

As mentioned earlier this morning, the rumor mill is kicking into high gear as we approach E3 this year. We already got a look at an updated Wii U controller. The next rumor seems more like fan fiction or wishful thinking, but the source is reputable. The latest rumor from Paul Gale Network, the same site that revealed PlayStation All-Stars …

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Star Fox 1993 Opening HD Redux is Winning

We haven’t seen a new Star Fox console game since the Gamecube. This is a big problem. Fortunately Rickonami on YouTube has provided us with an awesome remake of the 1993 opening scene of Star Fox to tide us over until a newer version comes out. And by newer version, I mean a real Star Fox game, either a better …

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