Stanford Articles

Yahoo Gift Horse Looked In Mouth

Yahoo recently donated $1 million to Stanford University’s Knight Fellowship program “to support press freedom.” While that might seem like an innocent gesture, it’s created a bit of a stir. Some people view it “as an act of atonement,” but others “worried the money came from a tainted source.”

Stanford Daily At It Again

I’m just going to shake my head in shame. The Stanford Daily was caught 10 months ago spamming the web with fake articles designed to generate Google juice.

Stanford: SEMs Are Getting Screwed

Search engine marketers that don’t know what they’re doing are getting ripped off in keyword auctions, according to a new study released from Stanford Graduate School of Business. The researchers claim pay-per-click engines like Google and Yahoo! have modified an older bidding model to maximize profits.

Stanford Embraced Podcasting

Stanford University has embraced podcasting in a big way. The University where Google’s founders hammered out their code has loaded more than 400 audio files into a special portal in the iTunes Music Store, accessible through a page on the University’s own website.

Stanford Debates Yahoo Music

The Graduate Student Council at Stanford recently discussed the benefits and perils of having the Yahoo Music service available on campus.

Yahoo And Google Go To College

The search engine competitors’ efforts to target a university age audience show some dramatic differences in styles.

USC Says Applicant Files Were Hacked

Users of the University of Southern California’s online application system over the past 8 years will be notified of the problem.

Search Spamming Reported Found On Financial Times Website

Web marketter Ken McGaffin says he found an invisible link on the Financial Times’ website acting as search engine spam. He shows a screenshot of the link, invisible and then made visible by selecting it. Apparently FT responded by making the link visible.

Stanford Alerts FBI On Computer Breach

There is no evidence of data stolen from the University’s Career Development Center at this time.