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Michael Dunn Verdict: Encouraging Or Terrifying?

On Saturday evening at about 7:00 pm a Florida jury managed to find Michael Dunn guilty of four charges in relation to the death of Jordan Davis. The case was dubbed the “loud music trial” as the altercation started because Dunn had a problem with the music blasting from a car that Davis was in. Words were exchanged and the …

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Powerful PSA Against Stand Your Ground Laws Re-Enacts Trayvon Martin Murder

The Trayvon Martin murder case and ensuing George Zimmerman trail rocked the United States to its core in a variety of ways; while many activists and social justice enthusiasts staked their claims on Zimmerman’s guilt and raged against the jury’s decision to acquit him of all charges, many others painted Trayvon as a hoodlum and Zimmerman as a victim. Amid …

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