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Norse Apocalypse Referenced By Stabbing Suspect

The 16-year-old boy responsible for the stabbings that occurred at a high school in Pennsylvania referenced the Norse apocalypse in letters and notes found in his locker. Westmoreland County searched the boy’s locker and found several disturbing notes that showed how upset the boy was with the school and society in general. Most of his feelings were written in a …

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Calgary Stabbing: Suspect Son Of Senior Police Officer

Police Chief Rick Hanson called the fatal stabbing of five people the “worst mass murder in Calgary‚Äôs history.” The shocking crime is said to have taken place during a house party at a residence in Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta, Canada. The police chief spoke to reporters about the case at a Tuesday afternoon press conference. While …

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L.A. Deputies Shoot Hostages Fleeing from Stabbing Assailant, One Dead

Aspiring television producer John Winkler, 30, was accidentally shot and killed at a West Hollywood apartment Monday following a case of mistaken identity. Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies received a call Monday detailing a man with a knife holding three residents hostage. The caller described the attacker as a Caucasian man wearing a black shirt. When deputies arrived at the …

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Franklin Regional High School Stabbing Suspect ID’d

The Franklin Regional High School stabbing that happened at the beginning of the school day on Wednesday now has a suspect. It was a 16-year-old boy who seemed all-in-all a “normal kid” to his classmates. His name has yet to be released and his motives were unclear, according to ABC. There were 20 people injured this morning and no fatalities …

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