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Give Google A Kiss

A full 50 percent of top-gaining searches this afternoon seem to be related to St. Patrick’s Day. At least that’s the way it was this afternoon. And before the end of this post, you’ll have what you need to participate!

Other notables from Google’s Hot Trends list included searches for the Bear Sterns situation, but more interest was shown in finding a March Madness NCAA basketball bracket. (P.S. Look for Kentucky to be an upset. Go. Big. Blue.)

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An eBusiness Tribute To St. Patty

It’s that time of year again, the time of year it’s perfectly acceptable to do a bit of drinking in honor of the saint that drove the snakes out of Ireland, in honor of luck or lack thereof, in honor of the Emerald Isle most of us have only seen in pictures but have vowed to travel to one day whether we have relatives there or not.

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