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Firefox Nightly Making Small Changes To Site-Identity Firefox Nightly Making Small Changes To Site-Identity
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You know how Firefox adds that little favicon site-identifier in the address bar? Firefox is about to make some changes to that to make Web sites more secure for users. Jared Wein, a software engineer at Mozilla, announced on his …

Firefox Tougher On Expired SSL Certificates
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Firefox 3, which set a one-day record for downloads recently, has been reconfigured in a way that’s setting off alarms for webmasters who haven’t renewed their SSL certificates. As the US Army just learned, Firefox won’t bring up sites with self-assigned and/or expired certificates.

At least, not without some extensive hoop-jumping.

If you’re a merchant you should know that an SSL certificate encrypts data transmissions between two computers. Credit card information, for example, is protected during transmission between those two computers.