Squidoo Builds People Search SquidWho

Squidoo Builds People Search SquidWho

By Stephen Pitts September 6, 2007

Squidoo has launched a new portal called SquidWho

Facebook, Friendster Signal Changing Tide

The world of social networking is changing, but don’t worry, it’s not permanent. It’s more of a tide than anything that reaches and recedes from all things. MySpace is changing, Facebook is catching, and Friendster is resurrected.

Getting Strangers to Talk About YOU, Godin’s Way

Are you trying to get some attention? Not a simple task these days…

Some of the world’s smartest people keep their secrets tight to their chest.

Not Seth Godin. Seth is full of marketing genius and you can learn a bunch by watching him.

One of his new ventures is called Squidoo.

(Lots Of) Web 2.0 Awards Announced

If I were to identify just the 41 categories, this article would become rather long and list-like.  If I were to mention each of the “over 200” websites involved, you’d hate me.  So I’ll simply report that SEOmoz has announced its 2007 Web. 2.0 Awards, and perhaps hit a few of the highlights while I’m at it.

Banned Domains Let Back into Digg

It seems Digg has unbanned a list of sites by letting them back in. From what I have noticed here are the sites that have been allowed back in.

A Social Network for Feed Fans

Feed Collectors is a site where users can collect and share their RSS feeds in a social network environment.

Web 2.0 Powering Verticals

Take a quick survey of the ever changing Web 2.0 landscape and you will notice that the most successful services have two key elements.

Squidoo Opens Public Beta

Squidoo is now open to the public in an open beta program.

Blogging on BlogOn, and at BlogOn

I am writing on BlogOn 2005 over at the AllBusiness PR Blog this week, and will be updating the posts here.

I Wonder Who Will Do Squidoo

Seth Godin will, that’s who; he’s started Squidoo and wants to share it with me and you, so click on through and on into the site he likes to call Squidoo.