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Microsoft Enters MySQL Space With Express

Reduced functionality version of SQL Server aimed at hobbyists and non-professional developers.

Microsoft Releases Newest Visual Studio and SQL Server

Microsoft announced availability of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2 and the SQL Server 2005 April Community Technology Preview (CTP).

Microsoft Great Plains SQL Reporting and Data Fixing
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This is beginner level SQL scripting article for a DB Administrator, Programmer, or IT Specialist.

Microsoft Launches Expanded SQL Server 2005

Microsoft is upgrading their line of SQL servers with an offering of four new products highlighting the company’s newfound approach to security and reliability.

Improving SQL Performance

How do you know how much hardware is really needed by your applications? And what do you do when your applications are overloading your system? The answer lies with improving your SQL performance. You have to tune your hardware SQL server and monitor performance, all of which will be explained as clearly as possible on this page.

SQL Server Jobs Can Negatively Affect Performance, If You Are Not Careful

Virtually every SQL Server runs one or more daily jobs. And most likely, runs many weekly jobs. Unfortunately, most DBAs set up jobs, and then forget about them, unless of course they break. But if they run day after day without any problems, most jobs are forgotten about.

SQL Server Application and Transact-SQL Performance

Application and Transact-SQL Code Greatly Affect SQL Server Performance.

SQL Server Database Index Performance
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Auditing Index Use is Not an Easy Task, But Critical to Your Server’s Performance.

Microsoft Great Plains Migration From One SQL Server to Another

Microsoft Great Plains has tens thousands of installation across the USA as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Spanish speaking South America, UK, Poland, Middle East and South Africa.

Microsoft CRM Integration: Siebel Email Attachments Import – C# and MS Transact SQL example

Microsoft CRM – CRM’s answer from Microsoft Business Solutions has an aggressive pricing, going down and making it affordable for small companies.

SQL Server Database Settings Performance Checklist
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Each Database Needs to Be Audited

As part of your performance audit, you need to examine each database located on your server and examine some basic database settings. When compared to some of our other performance audit tasks, you will find this audit one of the easiest. For convenience, you may want to consider photocopying a copy of the above chart, producing one copy for each database that you will be auditing.

SQL Server Configuration Performance Checklist

Most SQL Server Configuration Settings Should Not Be Changed

Operating System Performance Checklist

Like SQL Server, Windows Server is mostly self-tuning. But like SQL Server, there are things we can do to help optimize Windows’ performance.

SQL Server Hardware Performance Checklist

Auditing SQL Server Hardware Is An Important Early Step

How to Identify and Delete Duplicate SQL Server Records

Recently, I was asked to help someone clean up their database after they had double loaded an import file.

Microsoft CRM Development

Microsoft CRM is CRM answer from Microsoft Business Solutions.

Using Performance Monitor to Identify SQL Server Hardware Bottlenecks

The best place to start your SQL Server performance audit is to begin with the Performance Monitor (System Monitor). By monitoring a few key counters over a 24 hour period, you should get a pretty good feel for any major hardware bottlenecks your SQL Server is experiencing.

Crystal Reports – Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is the leader for inexpensive and middle size SQL solutions. Plus it is now capable to serve large enterprise on Microsoft Windows platform. Crystal Reports is the most flexible tool on the market and it has market recognition. Multiple software vendors offer Crystal Reports as the main reporting tool: Microsoft, Best Software, Oracle to name a few.

Creating and Consuming a Web Service

One of the most powerful aspects of .NET is the ease with which one can create Web Services. A Web Service is an external interface provided by a Web site that can be called from other Web sites. For example, a financial company may make up to the minute stock quotes available via a Web Service for those who do their trading with that company. This information could be read from a Web page and displayed, or read from a stand-alone application on a customer’s desktop computer.

Querying XML Data with XQuery

Let’s face it, one of the primary tasks we, as Web developers, are faced with is querying data from some data store and allowing users to view and/or manipulate the information via a Web interface.

Microsoft Navision Integration with Microsoft RMS
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Microsoft Business Solutions Navision serves both European and American megamarkets.