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When Should You Use Microsoft SQL Server Over Microsoft Access?
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Two of the coolest tools that have ever come out from Microsoft are certainly Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access.

How Bad Guys Hack into Websites Using SQL Injection
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SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities on the web. Here I’ll try to explain in detail these kinds of vulnerabilities with examples of bugs in PHP and possible solutions.

Developers Spoiled For Free DB Choices

It is not just MySQL or PostgreSQL offering freely available databases, as Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM all want to hook developers on lite versions of their products.

SQL Server Indexes

A database index is similar to an index in a book – it is comprised of a lookup value, and a number identifier that corresponds to the row number in a table.

SQL Server Stored Procedures

SQL Server Stored Procedures are SQL statements saved in a database as an object. They can be called interactively through the Query Analyzer, and by other stored procedures.

Oracle Produces Oracle SQL Developer

The kids out in Redwood Shores announced a new product called SQL developer, known previously as Project Raptor. The product is a free database development tool designed for use by Oracle Database developers.

SQL Injections Abound

Danish security firm Secunia reported on Monday several moderately critical vulnerabilities in various software products that allow SQL injection attacks. Products like Gregarius, Total Ecommerce, Akarrus Social Bookmarking Engine and others.

Protecting Against SQL Injection With PHP And MYSQL

Security is important for all developers, but more so when combining two of the most popular Database and Web Programming technologies.

SQL Injection Vulnerability

A vulnerability was discovered in the ADOdb and can be exploited by hackers doing SQL injection attacks. The vulnerability only works on the PostgreSQL users. Andy Staudacher discovered the vulnerability and Secunia reported the issue as moderately critical on Tuesday.

Microsoft SQL 2000 Disaster Recovery with SANRAD V-Switch – Planning Guide

Designing a disaster recovery system requires planning and consideration of the available options that will best fit your company’s needs, SLA and budget.

MS SQL / MySQL – A Case Study

The release of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 on November 7th 2005 created a buzz around the office for IT professionals.

Understanding SQL Web Hosting

Before understanding the concept of SQL web hosting, it’s necessary to have a basic grasp on what SQL is, and also how web hosting works.

Microsoft Showing Off SQL Server 2005 At Gitex

The world’s largest software company let the middle-eastern market take a gander at the SQL Server 2005 and their development tool, Visual Studio 2005, at the September edition of the Gitex conference in Dubai, UAE.

How to Use SQLXML to Retrieve Data From SQL Server Database?

Using SQL Server 2000 and above versions you can retrieve data from SQL Server in XML format directly from the database.

Training Underway for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is due to be released later this year, and training has already begun for IT professionals in preparation for it.

How to Save an Image in a SQL Server Database?
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Most web applications have a lot of images used in them. These images are usually stored in a web server folder and they are accessed by giving the relative path to the file with respect to the root folder of the website.

Change Password for SQL Server User

Most security experts’ recommendations include changing passwords frequently to enhance security. It is easy to change the password on a SQL Server Username via Query Analyzer.

Moving A SQL Server Database
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A database move can be done a couple different ways, but when the database is updated frequently and the move needs to be completed with minimal downtime and no data loss, it is best to move it by detaching and then reattaching the database on the new server. The database will be offline during the move but it is better to have it offline than to miss transactions when backing up and then restoring the database on the new server.

Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server Out Nov. 7

At its European Tech Ed conference, a Microsoft keynote speaker announced the launch date for some new products.

How to Attain SQL Server High Availability

You may find it hard to believe, but it is possible to maintain SQL Server high availability and not spend a fortune. In fact, you can spend a fortune and still not get SQL Server high availability. Sound like a paradox? Not really. SQL Server high availability is not a direct function of how much you spend. Instead, high availability is more about what you do right and what you do wrong.

SQL Injections

Since learning how to manipulate a database is usually the first thing programmers learn it makes sense that learning about SQL injections should also be one of the first things they learn.