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Blogger Blogs Can Spread Spyware

Can this really be true – blogs hosted by Blogger can spread spyware … Yes, according to a …

Caveats With New Microsoft AntiSpyware

I’ve been using the new free Microsoft AntiSpyware tool released in beta last week. What impressed me in particular is it’s real-time preventative approach.

Microsoft Aiming At Spyware

A beta version of Microsoft’s new anti-spyware tool has been released, signaling the company’s official attack on the malicious web-based programs.

Revived Spyware Bill Could Crunch Cookies

ClickZ reports on a new anti-spyware bill that, while a good idea in principle, could cause havoc in its current written state.

The Year of Spyware

In retrospect, the year 2004 made significant milestones that will forever change the future of internet spyware related issues. Various spyware issues were addressed and a fast growing market evolved around spyware.

Microsoft Acquires Anti-Spyware Company

Microsoft announced that it has acquired GIANT Company Software, a provider of anti-spyware and Internet security products.

Spyware Removal Software Sales Exploding

I thought a post this morning from eMarketer was quite timely since I spent a good portion of time last night removing spyware from my brother-in-law’s pc.

Google Spyware? Bad Guys & Spies Using Google Desktop Search
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I suppose I was naive when I cheered the new Google Desktop Search tool thinking it was ONLY a great way to help ease my computer info-glut and help organize my hundreds of hard-drive stored documents, emails and files. It seems that now I have to worry about how bad guys and busybodies will use it to spy on me!

Internet Security: Most Believe They Are Safe From Online Viruses

The AOL and NCSA Online Safety Study – conducted by technical experts in the homes of 329 typical dial-up and broadband computer users – found that most computer users think they are safe but lack basic protections against viruses, spyware, hackers, and other online threats.

Dell’s Spyware Survey

Though more than 90 percent of computers in the United States have some form of spyware on their computers, the majority don’t know how to identify or combat the online menace, according to a survey released today by the Internet Education Foundation (IEF) and Dell.

SearchGuy.com Toolbar Features Spyware Detector

SearchGuy.com has launched its Toolbar Version 2.0 which includes many updates and free features.

Yahoo Introduces New Toolbar Featuring Free Spyware Protection

Yahoo has begun beta testing a new toolbar that will feature a spyware function called Anti-Spy. The new anti-spyware addition will allow users to protect their computers from these types of programs.

Google Releases Spyware Prevention Guidelines

Acknowledging the soon-to-be-released Google Deskbar, Google has released a set of guidelines to assist in the prevention of spyware. The targets for this page are the makers of Internet software and advertisers.

Here’s A Quick Way To Find And Remove Spyware And Adware From Your Computer

You are probably familiar with the threat of computer viruses but did you know there’s actually a much more common danger that may already have infected your system? It’s called Spyware, and it has actually surpassed viruses as the #1 threat facing your computer today.

Rooting Out Spyware + Hard Drive Installation

Can you help? I’ve got XP Professional on my PC, and every now and then it decides it’s going to dial the internet. No particular reason, no applications calling for it, just now and then. If media player is running it interupts that, or otherwise just throws up a screen saying no dialtone (I don’t have it permanently connected to the net). Can I stop it from dialling without asking me?

Could spyware be slowing your PC boot up time?

I have a HP pavilion 512n system. I have 256 Megs ram and a 1.4 gig hard-drive. I empty my temp Internet files daily to keep the cookies out. The problem is that my system boots like a turtle. Do you have any suggestions? The system works good but as I stated, the pc boots very slowly.

I am a computer tech by trade, and can fix anyone’s pc but this one has me stumped, and of course, it is my pc

Mike Christensen

Removing Spyware

There are essentially four different kinds of software: Freeware, Shareware, retail software, and Spyware.

Note: We use the term software’ as a generic term used to describe all computer programs. The word hardware’ is a generic term used to describe all computer parts.

Freeware is typically created from a hobbyist programmer who enjoys programming and offers his creations to others for free, with no strings attached.

Carey Holzman Answers MS Windows and PC Hardware Questions
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Does your Windows PC have issues? Having trouble getting your Windows 98 computers to talk to each other? That new video card driving disagreeing with your system? Carey Holzman can help!

Is There a Spy in Your Computer?

You may have inadvertently invited a spy into your computer. The spy is known by a few names “spyware, adware, trojans”. Whatever it’s called, what it does, once it’s in your computer, is start taking statistical information as you travel the Internet. It may also send you pop-up ads and slow down your computer. Wired.com mentioned it “could even collect your credit card information”. According to “OptOut”, one spyware program attacks your e-mail signature file.