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Update to LighthousePro/JSON/Spry Post

Yesterday I blogged about how I moved Lighthouse Pro over to JSON using CFJSON and Spry. In general it worked nice and gave me some size savings on the data, but I had run into one problem.

Form Post in Spry
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Last week or so I blogged about doing form postings with Spry.

How Many Rows of Data to Use with Spry

Bob sent in an interesting email to me:

Spry: Custom Columns

A few days ago I posted a link to a few new Spry demos including one that shows how to build custom columns in Spry.

The Oddness (and Evenness) of Spry 1.4

Ok, I’m not sure if “evenness” is really a word, but if Steve Colbert can make stuff up – so can I. Before Spry 1.4, Spry supported a simple way to apply different CSS styles to datasets rows to support even/odd colors.

Spry 1.4 Released!

The site still says 1.3, but you can now download Spry 1.4.

Dreamweaver 8 Advises You On CSS

Developers at Adobe pursued improvements with the number one web development tool by focusing on an issue that has proven a real time waster for developers.

ColdFusion/Spry Kit Proof of Concept

So – in case folks are curious – I now have both a dishwasher and the Internet back at my house. I feel like I’ve returned to the modern world. (Yes, I’m spoiled.)

Spry Built-in Variables for Datasets

This is mainly for my own reference – but as I always have trouble finding it – I thought I’d share.

Fun Little AJAX/Internet Explorer Issue
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A few days ago I mentioned a little issue I ran into with Spry.