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Yahoo! Gets a ‘Softie
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Joanne BradfordJoanne Bradford has made a lot of career moves in recent memory. She was once Corporate VP of Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, then climbed up the ladder to Chief Media Officer and Corporate Vice President of MSN.

Spot Runner Runs Off Staff, Reorganizes
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The company’s business model of online and TV advertising expanded through the year, with Spot Runner now laying off employees to bring on others suited to the new lines of services.

Spot Runner Launches Political Advertising Program

In a move that’s either ingenious, scary, or both, Spot Runner has launched a new Political Advertising Program.  Political campaigns of every size are supposed to buy preexisting video spots, personalize them, and then put the things on television.

Bradford Bails On MSN For Spot Runner

Joanne Bradford’s rapid climb up the Microsoft ladder took her all the way out of the company and away from her job as chief media officer over MSN.

Spot Runner Snaps Up GlobeShooter
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All eyes were on WPP – it was supposed to acquire the advertising agency known as Spot Runner, and that may still happen.  But in a move that came as something of a surprise, Spot Runner made an acquisition of its own and formed the Spot Runner Production Network.

A Modest Proposal – WPP And Google

Don’t look now, but WPP honcho Martin Sorrell has been tipped to be looking for another acquisition to complement the ad giant’s 24/7 Real Media buy from 2007.

Web 2.0 Companies Waiting to go Public

At this point, we really haven’t seen a major Web 2.0 company make it through an IPO.

We’ve seen YouTube gobbled up by Google, and MySpace snagged by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. To date, they remain the companies that have truly defined success in the evolving Web 2.0 era.

Ad Magnate May Faceoff With Google TV

Martin Sorrell’s WPP already owns a small stake in Spot Runner, but could move to take it over to complement an earlier online advertising company purchase.

Another $40m For Spot Runner

ClickZ has details of some new funding for low-cost television commercial provider, Spot Runner. Spot Runner is an interesting concept, allowing companies to create and place TV ads for as little as $500, using an online interface.