Lennox Little League Receives Help from Stripper Angels

Lennox Little League Receives Help from Stripper Angels

By Heather Campobello March 12, 2012

Lennox Little League (LLLL) was in financial doom until stripper angels made a surprise donation. Jet Strip gentleman’s club donated $1,200 to keep Lennox a registered league. Adult Entertainment venues are always trying to improve their standing in the community …

Yahoo Launches Food Site

Give Yahoo credit for listening to the needs and requests of their advertisers. The company has launched in response to growing demands from advertisers.

Guidelines And Advice For New Media Sponsors

Roxanne, who does the Beach Walks videoblog, has a great set of guidelines for big companies who are sponsoring videos, podcasts, and other things online.

ChronoPay Sponsors osCommerce

Amsterdam-based online payment services provider ChronoPay, B.V. announced its official corporate sponsorship of osCommerce, an open source online e-commerce software company.

Ask.com Sponsors Treasure Hunters

My wife knew that I’d be hooked on the new reality TV show, Treasure Hunters, the moment they announced Ask.com would be the official search engine of the show – team “Miss USA” was not an influence in any way, honey :-).

Google Sponsors Anti-Badware Campaign

Google has added its name to a list of sponsors that includes Lenovo and Sun Microsystems, all of whom are joining an initiative to fight “badware,” a collective term for spyware, malware, and adware.

Big-Time Gamers Get Big-Time Sponsors
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The professional gaming circuit, and yes there is one, will see some groups get sponsorship deals.

AMD Sponsors Solar Race

AMD is sponsoring the 2005 North American Solar Challenge (NASC). This is a competition, in which people design, build, and race solor-powered cars across the U.S. and Canada.

We’re Not Afraid

I had an email overnight from Pete Quily in Canada telling me about We’re Not Afraid, a blog set up last week following the London bombings that publishes photos from people around the world who aren’t afraid…

Blog Business Summit August 17 – 19 San Francisco, CA

The annual Blog Business Summit is scheduled for August 17 – 19 2005 in San Francisco, California, USA.

MSN Spaces/Volvo Deal Shows Big Blog Advertisers Crave Safety

Microsoft and Volvo today announced that the car company is now advertising on the MSN Spaces blogging platform. The new campaign includes a micro site that enables consumers to find interesting content within the MSN community.

Warner Brothers Records to Podvertise

Congrats to Eric Rice. He secured Warner Brothers as a podvertiser for his podcast.

Cisco Sponsors MIT Media Lab’s Digital Life Consortium
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Cisco Systems announced a sponsorship of MIT Media Lab’s Digital Life Consortium, further expanding its strategic relationship with MIT.

Sponsors, Mentors and Coaches, Oh My!

You’ve seen the ads. Let me sponsor you. Mentor Available. Now the latest is, coach. What’s the difference?

As always, I like to start with dictionary definitions and take it from there.