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Facebook Releases The Sponsored Results API

It was reported yesterday that Facebook’s sponsored search results had gone live. The new ads let marketers direct people to Facebook pages within the search bar. Developers can use it to push their apps to the top of search results. Now there’s an API to help you take full advantage of the new ads. As part of their weekly Operation …

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Facebook’s Sponsored Search Results Go Live

Last month, Facebook began testing a new feature for advertisers. “Sponsored Results” allow marketers to purchase ads that appear within search results in Facebook’s search bar when a user types a certain keyword. Now, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is telling marketers to fire away by making Sponsored Results available through the Power Editor tool. Sponsored Results are also officially a …

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Ads Are Coming To Your Facebook Search Bar

Facebook search, an admittedly tricky beast to tame, might be getting a bit more annoying for some users. That’s because the company is apparently testing a new feature called “Sponsored Results.” You would probably understand them to be ads in your search bar. According to TechCrunch, the Sponsored Results will appear as users type a Facebook search. For instance, if …

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