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SpiralFrog Starts Its Own Club

 SpiralFrog has launched SpiralFrogClub.com as well as started its first North American marketing campaign.

Struggling SpiralFrog Raises $2 Million
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SpiralFrog hasn’t been doing so well, but $2 million can heal a lot of wounds, and the ad-supported, Web-based music service has raised this amount in funding.

MySpace Tests Ad-Supported Music Waters

MySpace will be testing the ad supported music waters this March with punk band Pennywise. Fans will be able to go to the MySpace profile of Textango, a mobile indie music distributor, and after adding them as a friend be able to download the entire album for free.

Free Music Service Leaps Onto The Scene

SpiralFrog.com, an ad supported Web site that allows users to download music and videos for free has launched in North America.

Ad Supported P2P Networks

Close to three-quarters of U.S. Internet users are open to viewing ads in exchange for free downloads, according to the Intent MediaWorks "P2P Usage Survey" from May 2007.

Record Labels Balk At Ad-Driven Downloads
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Earlier this week, Baidu announced a partnership with EMI to bring streaming music to Chinese users by implementing an advertising supported free digital music network. There are other companies eager to take this sort of approach, but the major record labels are reluctant to embrace such practices.

SpiralFrog Spirals Downward

SpiralFrog – a startup that said it would launch a music-download service supported totally by advertising – seems to be on the verge of joining the Web 2.0 dead pool, according to this report from Cnet.

SpiralFrog Adds EMI Music Catalog

On the heels of startup SpiralFrog’s agreement with Universal Music Group, the soon-to-be free music download service also signed on EMI Music Publishing to expand its online catalog.

Madison Ave Spirals Out Free Music Downloads
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The purists and pirate-pardoning, and by that I mean anybody outside the business, know that music wants to be free. The world’s largest music company, Universal Music Group, seems to be the first megalith to get that. Before the end of the year, expect your music to ride freely on the back of a SpiralFrog, courtesy of Madison Avenue.