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Katie Melua Has Live Spider Removed From Ear

Katie Melua had something terrifying living in her ear … a live spider! The singer told her fans that she had been hearing a shuffling noise in her ear, and when she went to the doctor they confirmed that there was a spider in her ear canal. So, how did a spider wind up inside Melua’s ear? She believes that …

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Puppy-Sized Spider Killed By Scientist Sparks Outrage Online

Piotr Naskrecki, a Harvard researcher, was recently crucified online for killing the puppy-sized spider he found while walking through a rainforest in Guyana at night. Naskrecki reportedly killed the spider, which was a South American Goliath birdeater, and brought it back to a museum for study. His blog post about the incident sparked a firestorm of criticism on the Internet. …

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Spiders Gasoline Huffing Cause Mazda Recall

Move over, Porsche. Mazda’s got a real spider car. For the second time in just a few years, Mazda has had to issue a recall for North American made Mazda6 sedans because of – yep – spiders in the engine. You know, I always knew spiders were demons sent here to destroy us. The idea that some of them thrive …

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Black Widow Spider Found in Aldi Mart Grapes

Discount supermarket chain Aldi removed its entire stock of grapes from the shelves of its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, stores in early November, after a shopper found a black widow spider in a container. The red grapes in that incident were purchased from Aldi’s Wauwatosa, WI, branch, and other black widow sightings have been reported at grocery stores in Michigan, Missouri and …

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Spiders in Bananas: Prepare to be Freaked Out

Even though this story is based out of London, you’ll probably be a little wary when it comes to eating bananas for a while. A U.K. woman had an experience that sounds like something out of a horror movie when a spider egg began hatching on the banana she was eating. To make things worse, the particular species of spider …

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Norwegian Engineer Creates The Morph Ball Spider Robot Of My Dreams

Robots tend to be a touchy subject for me. I am constantly terrified of their potential to rule over the human race with a literal iron fist, but some robots are just too charming and awesome for me to hate. Take for instance the MorpHex, a spider morph ball robot. Kåre Halvorsen, an engineer from Norway, has built one of …

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