Katie Melua Has Live Spider Removed From Ear

Katie Melua Has Live Spider Removed From Ear

By Lindsay McCane November 3, 2014

Katie Melua had something terrifying living in her ear … a live spider! The singer told her fans that she had been hearing a shuffling noise in her ear, and when she went to the doctor they confirmed that there …

Norwegian Engineer Creates The Morph Ball Spider Robot Of My Dreams Norwegian Engineer Creates The Morph Ball Spider Robot Of My Dreams

Robots tend to be a touchy subject for me. I am constantly terrified of their potential to rule over the human race with a literal iron fist, but some robots are just too charming and awesome for me to hate. …

Unvalidated Robots.Txt Risks Google Banishment

The web crawling Googlebot may find a forgotten line in robots.txt that causes it to de-index a site from the search engine.

Review: Trackback Spider

What Does Trackback Spider Do?

From what I have read on the pre-release materials, it sends trackback notifications to create one-way links to your website.

That means:-

Webmaster Claims Spider Entered Contract In Suit

The Web and artificial intelligence have brought about some surreal, science fiction like questions. The most recent mind-bending concept is whether or not robots can enter into contracts – that is, is a Web crawler implicitly entering a contract posted on a website announcing copyright conditions?

Cloaking Is Bad… Unless It’s Good

The concept of page cloaking has come under fire; again, because the idea is being used by a number of legitimate sites in order to protect or hide their content from users and/or search engine bots. The fact that these sites do not get punished for using cloaking techniques has become a sore spot with some bloggers.

The ROR Advantage: No Spider Discrimination!

Search engine optimization is a very complex science, but at its heart is the simple rule: to format your website in such a way that spiders can immediately recognize and index its content.

Let the Spider Crawl

For most sites, one of the first things we check is to make sure the site crawler friendly. “Crawler friendly” you say? What the heck does that mean?

GoogleBot the “Spider of Doom”

A funny story is circulating in tech circles about how Googlebot inadvertently destroyed the database of a content management system (CMS) based site that took months of work to build.

Could the New Google Spider be Causing Issues with Websites?
· 2

Around the time Google announced “Big Daddy,” there was a new Googlebot roaming the web. Since then I’ve heard stories from clients of websites and servers going down and previously unindexed content getting indexed.

Assertivenet is Gigablast Spider (Gigabot)

The purpose of this article is to provide evidence and information to counteract the suggestion that Assertivenet is potentially used for malicious purposes.

LookSmart Builds Spider Bait

So LookSmart’s creating content now, to ensure itself a higher-quality distribution network for the pay-per-click ads it sells.

How Do You Flash A Spider?

With the growing use of broadband, more and more website developers are looking to Flash to create a more engaging visitor experience. The problem with Flash sites, as many have pointed out, is that they can be can be difficult optimize, especially since Google seems to be the only search engine that tries to crawl them-to a limited extent. But there’s more than one way to skin a spider.

Site Map: Spider Food or Just A Light Snack?

Mechanical spiders have to eat. In fact, they usually have bigger appetites than the real-life spiders you squish under your shoe.

Crawling Webs With Search Engine Spiders

When it comes to discussing search engine spiders, this is no time to succumb to feelings of terror. These are not the eight legged variety.

Camera Phone Saves Man From Spider Attack

A chance camera phone photo of a spider taken by a man after being bitten may have saved his life.

Turn Spider Traps into Spider Food

Some web pages on your website may not be listed in the search engines, even when you have submitted your website for inclusion. This is because dynamic pages cause the spiders give up and go home.