“Deathstar”-Like Object Discovered Near Sun

“Deathstar”-Like Object Discovered Near Sun

By Amanda Crum March 15, 2012 | 5 Comments

A NASA video showing a mysterious black spherical object hovering near the sun has set off a firestorm of web speculation this week, prompting guesses as to how it was formed and where it came from. Of course, the resemblance …

Blog Search Engine Sphere Launches

Hyped-up blog search engine Sphere launched a number of minutes ago, and already there is some discussion on it.

Sphere Blog Search Lifts Off

Sphere exited its beta testing phase with the launch of version 1.5, and several new features were put into place before its formal debut. After several months in private beta testing, which we reported on last October

Buzzy Blog Engine Beta Delayed

The long-awaited blog search engine Sphere was delayed from its scheduled public beta launch citing a demand heavier than anticipated.

NeoSEO, Optimization in The Emerging Search Sphere

About ten years ago my brother and I ventured to the Edge of the World. It is located a few hundred kilometers (120mi) northwest of Thunder Bay Ontario.

Blogspotting Needs a Kelly Ripa

BusinessWeek’s Stephen Baker is turning to the b’sphere for advice.

Top Six Lead Generation Challenges for the Complex Sale in 2006

Based on our research, I think companies with complex sale will face the following six lead generation challenges in 2006:

Sphere Makes Beta Test Available

The blog search engine from the people responsible for Oddpost handed out some keys to a limited beta test.

Doc Searls Says Microsoft Doesnt Get It

Doc Searls says Microsoft doesn’t get it. This is a very astute post. It’s actually a smaller part of a bigger post that makes the point that companies can’t change their DNA.

Playing with Sphere Beta

Tony Conrad, CEO of Sphere, came by Yahoo! on Friday to give a few of us a look at the blog search technology they’ve been building.

Searching The Sphere

A new blog search engine is in the works. The new engine, Sphere, is currently in stealth mode and will head into a beta test soon. They are claiming a much stronger emphasis on relevancy and some ability to get through the chaff of other blogs.

Ray Tracing in C# and .NET
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Source code: Raytracing.zip 104 KB
I just saw the Japanese Animation movie Spirited Away and couldn’t help admiring the combination of cool moving graphics, computer generated backgrounds, and integration of sound. This inspired me to revisit the world of 3-D computer graphics. One of the coolest techniques in generating 3-D objects is known as ray tracing. This technique utilizes how the behavior of a particle of light (a photon) with a solid or refractive object. We are only interested in the rays that reflect into the camera or view area near the eye. This “view” area forms the image from the different colors and intensities bouncing back from the solid object.