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Microsoft Spending $500M On Chicago Datacenter

A project to construct a massive datacenter near Chicago complements Microsoft’s establishment of other centers in Washington State and near San Antonio.

Small Business Online Spending To Top $70 Billion

The total online spending by small businesses is expected to reach $70 billion by the year 2012, up from $47 billion in 2006, according to JupiterResearch’s new report "US Online Small Business Market Category Forecast, 2007 to 2012."

Online Ad Spending to Pass Newspapers by 2011 in US

There’s a new report out today that suggests online advertising spend will overtake US newspaper advertising by the year 2011, according to FT.com.

OMB Updates Earmarks Database

The federal Office of Management and Budget has made a couple of tweaks to the Earmarks database they maintain.

Online Video Game Spending To Hit $13 Billion

Spending on online video games will reach $13 billion globally by 2012, up from $4.5 billion in 2006, according to DFC Intelligence’s "Online Game Market Forecasts" report. For marketers that want to reach gamers that is welcomed news.

Google Invests In Israeli R&D Center

Google, as we know it, is pretty much an American corporation.  You hear things from Google India, and some pieces of news will originate in Google Australia, but otherwise, it’s pretty quiet out there.  Now things have picked up in one very calm corner of the world – Google is adding a second research and development center in Israel.

The Coming Content Wars

A few days ago, a report showed that Internet advertising was up 35% last year, hitting almost $17 billion. It’s been almost a year since we reported, “Web Advertising Spending Too Low,” and it looks like advertisers are starting to close the gap.

China’s Online Ad Spending Sees Steady Growth

China’s online advertising market reached approximately $176 million in the first quarter of 2007, according to Analysys International.

Marketers will Increase Social Networking Spending
Direct Marketing News is reporting on an eMarketer report entitled “Social Network Marketing: Where to Next?"  With a second mortgage you may be able to read the report yourself, until then the eMarketer summary will have to suffice. 

UK Online Ad Spending Passes Newspapers

While the average spent on online advertising in the U.S. hovers around 5% of total ad budgets, the U.K. is blazing a trail with 11.4%.

Online advertising grew by more than 41% in 2006, overtaking national newspaper ads (10.7% share) and about half the amount spent on TV ads (which actually dropped 4.7%).

Google to to Brainwash Political Campaigners?

We’ve already reported that online marketing campaigns will be an important element of the 2008 election – not surprising, considering the growth in online spending by politicians.

Political Advertising Spending Grows Tremendously
If you thought Howard Dean’s efforts to rally online supporters was impressive, wait until you see what the 2008 candidates have in store for us.

According to the Washington Post, the amount spent on online political advertising has grown at a phenomenal rate.

Spending Time On MySpace
· 2

When it comes to where US Internet users are spending the most time MySpace is the leader. The social networking site accounted for 12 percent of all time spent online in December 2006, according to Compete Inc.

Spending On Digital Media To Reach $7.8 Billion

Online user-generated video content was huge in 2006. 2007 has the potential to be a good year for the TV and movie industries as they enter the digital arena and hope for the success that the music business has been able to achieve with paid content.

Online Holiday Spending Passes $100 Billion

The year 2006 was a record breaker for e-commerce as online retail spending passed the $100 billion mark, according comScore.

What To Look For In 2007

One of the traditional acts of the New Year’s celebration is the posting of lists that either look back at the year that was or look ahead at what potentially lies ahead. Of course, the Internet industry is not immune to these year-end lists. Just ask the search industry.

Fraud Could Rain On Holiday Parade

Online retailers may seen payment fraud siphon $3 billion away from their enterprises for all of 2006, and there is impact beyond the Internet.

Open Source Advertising Not Necessary?

Okay, here’s another one of Dana’s stories that I take exception to. Note that I respect Dana’s writings and I read his blog daily.

Moving On Up: Online Ad Spending

Budgets for online advertising get a major lift in 2006.

Cyber Monday Spending Shows Increase

ComScore reports that online retail spending on Cyber Monday shows a 25% increase from 2005. In total, it is estimated that consumers spent nearly $608 million in retail purchases for the year’s most celebrated online shopping holiday.

$2 Billion In Ad Spending By 2010

A recent estimate by eMarketer concerning the advertising spending on social networks has the figure at $2 billion by 2010.

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