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Google: Click Fraud Fixes Itself

Like John Lennon, Google CEO Eric Schmidt must have received a visit from Mother Mary, whispering words of wisdom about click fraud. Using an economic thought model reminiscent of “laissez faire” and “trickle down,” Schmidt said the best way to deal with fraudulent clicks is to “let it happen.”

Judge: Forum Comments Protected Speech

A recent federal court ruling accomplished two things: protection of online message board operators from liability for anonymous third party comments; and the funniest judicial opinion ever written.

MIT’s Speech Recognition Baby

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may be on the verge of a revolutionary development in speech and video algorithmic technology. Their test subject: a 9 month-old baby boy, who is the center of a project called “The Human Speechome Project.”

Ballmer Emphasizes RSS Importance

Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista operating system will support RSS, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks RSS feeds will grow in importance to Internet users.

Windows Live Clipboard? Sort Of

Ray Ozzie gave a talk at ETech today, and he discussed an idea he had called a “live clipboard”.

Seth Godin’s speech on Marketing at Google

Six time best selling author, Seth Godin speaks to Google as part of their Authors@Google series.

Book Search Praised From Lions Den

Google’s Book Search project got major kudos from University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman speaking from within “the lion’s den” also known as the Association of American Publishers (AAP). The AAP launched a lawsuit against Google in October 2005 alleging copyright infringement as a result of the search company’s massive book digitization project.

Apple Runs Afoul Of RSS Pros

The new photocasting feature in Apple’s iPhoto doesn’t comply with RSS standards, a shortcoming the RSS community has pointed out vociferously.

Microsoft Unveils Speech Tech Acquisition

Some of Unveil Technologies’ intellectual property pertaining to speech recognition has been purchased by Microsoft.

Free Speech Issues On the Internet
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The boundaries of free speech are oft debated and rarely decided conclusively. The issue with Traffic-Power is no different. The search-marketing firm has had some troubles recently. The company is going after two websites in a high stakes free speech issue they may help define and determine the future of what people can say on the Internet.

Reporters Group Releases Free Speech Handbook

As it is imperative that this particular brand of document not fall into the hands of the enemy, it will self-destruct in 3 minutes. So read fast, and let no one know you received it via Reporters Without Borders.

Blogs Becoming Free Speech Medium

Around the world, those who had quietly smoldered for fear of offending the powers that be have found a voice in blogs. For many, the blogosphere has become an anonymous cry to the masses. For the brave, not so anonymous, but equally as scathing, sounding boards are giving them words they hadn’t dared utter in public.

Blog Herald Gets a Response From Scoble

The Blog Herald doesn’t get what I was trying to say: What about free speech Scoble …

Microsoft Speech Server Announces Itself

The product has been built on Windows and .Net; a future version of Exchange will be speech enabled.

Vista Press Kit Images

Microsoft has released some pretty pictures as part of its Windows Vista virtual press kit. Check em out (and click to enlarge)…

John Battelle at OMMA Conference

While I have been attending the OMMA West Conference, I was able to go see John Battelle’s keynote speech.

Blog Elevator Speech

We need to position blogs correctly, now more than ever, as businesses realize their potential….

What Should Blog Services Do About Hate Speech?

Richard Silverstein had a commenter leave some hate speech on his blog and he’s writing about what happened when he tried to get his blog provider to remove it.

IBM, Cisco To Develop Speech Recognition Apps

Their goal is to better enable contact centers to do their work without a live customer service representative in the mix.

Blogs: The Explosion of Free Speech

Pithy commentary in Business Week on the fall from grace of CNN news head Eason Jordan over his remarks that US troops target journalists in Iraq …

Industry Partners Build Password-Reset Solutions on Microsoft Speech Server 2004

Password resets are the second most common reason workers call help desks, accounting for about one in four help desk requests, according to the Gartner Group, an IT research company.