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Clarion Nightsnake: The Lost Species Re-Emerges In Mexico

A rare snake species once presumed “lost” forever has been rediscovered after a gap of nearly 80 years! The Clarion nightsnake is a species of snake that was first discovered back in 1936 by American naturalist William Beebe. Clarion was the name of one of the Revillagigedo Islands, the place where he first spotted the reptile. Unfortunately, subsequent trips back …

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18-Foot Python: Burmese Behemoth Found In Florida Almost Ties Record

An 18-foot python found in the Florida Everglades almost tied in size with the state’s record setting snake. The Miami Herald reported that the massive Burmese beast was captured on Tuesday by python control on the L-28 levee, roughly 5 miles north of Tamiami Trail. Engineers came across the creature while inspecting levees in the Everglades. South Florida Water Management …

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60 Possibly New Species Found in Suriname Rainforest

Scientists with the nonprofit research and advocacy organization Conservation International recently braved intense river rapids in Suriname’s rainforest, locating 60 animals that may be undocumented species, including six frogs and eleven fish. Spokesman Trond Larsen said the Arlington, Virginia-based group cataloged wildlife and studied freshwater resources, during a three-week trek in southeast Suriname, near its border with Brazil. The team’s …

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Walking Shark Discovered Off Indonesian Island Halmahera

Dr. Mark Erdmann, senior advisor to the Indonesian Marine Program for Conservation International was involved in the discovery of a new species of shark on the reefs of eastern Indonesian island Halmahera. One that walks. Just take a look: Erdmann writes: The shark, which has the endearing quality of using its fins to “walk” across the ocean floor, calls attention …

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Glow-in-the-Dark Cockroach One of the Top 10 New Species

For the past six years, the International Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University has compiled a list of the top 10 new species named in each year. They’ve just released the new list, which features a glow-in-the-dark cockroach, and carnivorous sponge, and a blue-bottomed monkey. But about those glowing roaches – Lucihormetica luckae, country of origin Ecuador. The …

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