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Google Backs High Stakes Bicycle Contest

A new contest gives participants two choices, and the second option is “die.”  I guess Google, which is involved in the competition, really wants people to innovate.

10 Signs of Life from the News Release

Our favorite format isn’t dead; it’s just abused more than Ronn Torossian at a Gawker staff meeting.

Ben Would Be Proud

Search Engine Watch notes that Clusty has launched a new specialized search engine to mark Ben Franklin’s 300th Bithday on January 17th.

XTRA Google

Here’s a nice web page that you can use instead of the usual Google homepage that makes it easier to begin many types of searches that Google now offers.

Google’s Specialized Number Search

When you search for a number in Google, it’s not necessarily going to do it’s normal web search, looking for pages with that number in them.

Specialized Search Engine Marketing for Legal Industry
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Trumpet Marketing Group, a web design and Internet marketing company, announced an initiative to provide specialized Search Engine Marketing for the legal industry.