Speaking Publicly on Online Marketing

Speaking Publicly on Online Marketing

By Lee Odden November 12, 2007

They say you should face your greatest fears head on and public speaking has been one of mine since I was a kid. Being shy didn’t help during those school speech assignments one bit. Anyone with me on that one?

Having worked in the search marketing/web dev business since 1997, it was only 2 years ago or so that I began to speak at events about SEO, marketing with blogs and online public relations. I think there were 3 speaking events that first year. This year it looks like 16 and there are already 8 events booked for 2008. Things can change quickly in internet time.

It’s Like Eric Schmidt Is Speaking Through An API

The “Conversation with Eric Schmidt” was interesting for a couple of reasons yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit.

Hobson’s Upcoming Speaking Gigs and Conferences

There are some great learning and professional development events taking place in Europe during the next few weeks that you might want to consider being part of.

Online Oddities: Fact or Fiction Edition

W’s AOL search records, orangutan dating site, Firefox crop circles, and Microsoft on LSD. Chalk these incongruent pairings up for what makes this week in August 2006, the best online week ever.

Neville Hobson Speaking at Upcoming Events

We’re well into the summer now, halfway through the really quiet period when most of Europe goes on holiday. At least the weather’s fantastic, in all senses of that word.

Arrington, TechCrunch, Speaking at Third Thursday

Following up on my previous post, next Thursday, April 20th, will be our kick-off Third Thursday meetup, and I’m fired up to say our first guest speaker will be Michael Arrington.

Frankly Speaking About RSS Readers

Frank Gruber, the mind behind the Somewhat Frank blog, subjected nine web-based RSS feed readers to a comparison and blogged about the best on TechCrunch.

Three Audiences, Three Different Cultures

You might think that the trick to good speaking is speaking well. Being confident. Having interesting content. And all that.

IABC Launches News Centre

It’s often a good idea to just click on things on a website as you might discover something new.

Google Speaking The Spam Language

Matt Cutts announced last week that Google will take a closer look at web pages in languages besides English, and woe be unto those who run afoul of Google’s quality guidelines, available in several languages.

Small Business Summit to Cover Blogs

I will be speaking next month on the use of blogs in small business at Small Business Summit in New York City.

Social Software For Government

Yesterday I was doing an interview and was asked about the prospect of social software for government.

301 Redirects Aren’t Always The Answer

One of the more popular questions asked on SEO-related forums as do with the use of 301 redirects and duplicate content. When people pose questions about duplicate content because of domain naming reasons, one of the first things suggested is using a 301 redirect to avoid being penalized.

Blogging Requires Finding Your Voice

Many successful blog writers believe it’s necessary to maintain a true voice, where the real person behind the posting, shines through.

Plain Speaking Blog Comment Policy

Here’s a plain-speaking description of a blog commenting policy that no one could possibly misunderstand …

Speaking Body Language

I observed an almost surreal event when I was a business student.

A Wasted Opportunity for the Web Accessibility Cause
· 3

The DRC (Disability Rights Commission) recently announced the results of their year-long investigation into the accessibility of 1000 UK websites. The report concluded that most websites are highly inaccessible, with over 81% not even meeting basic standards of accessibility.