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Jennifer Aniston and Gloria Steinem Talk Feminism

Jennifer Aniston just turned 45. No, she’s not married and no, she still doesn’t have any children. And while Gloria Steinem claimed she and Aniston are in “deep shit” for not having either, we know the beauties are unapologetically happy. Aniston interviewed Steinem on Monday, Feb. 10 at the Makers Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA. The two discussed body …

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CES 2012: The iNuke Boom iPhone Dock & Speaker Is Only $30,000

About a month ago, WebProNews reported on an iPod dock/speaker announcement which was getting a good amount of buzz on the internet. Due to the ridiculous size and price of the product. The iNuke has been revealed at CES 2012, and it’s just as insane as we imagined from the press release in December. If you’re interested in the iNuke, …

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