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Spark Capital Makes a Substantial Investment in Foursquare, Purchases $50 Million in Stock

Spark Capital is providing its employees with more liquid assets by purchasing fifty million dollars worth of Foursquare’s company stock. Foursquare has 15 million registered users who have collectively checked in 1.5 billion times and has generated information about some 750,000 restaurants and other venues. Spark Capital had already been investing in Foursquare and based their decision to up the …

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Twitter Has Big Plans For $100 Million In Funding

Twitter’s habit of raising tons of money – and not having any significant and regular source of income – has led different onlookers to theorize that its burn rate is anywhere between "moderate" and "Hindenburg."  However, one investor recently shared what fans should find to be some comforting details about the company’s finances.

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