New Google Webmaster’s Guidelines

New Google Webmaster’s Guidelines

By Aaron Wall October 15, 2007
I just found another Google webmaster guideline worth sharing…

Mystery Surrounds Spammer Sentencing

A New York man accused of sending over nine million spam messages within MySpace.com was sentenced, but details are unknown.

Really Stupid Spammer

RSS and Blog spam remain a maddening phenom in the world of Really Simple Syndication. Doc Searls takes the time to elaborate about this on his blog and explains why.

AOL Giving Away Seized Spammer Assets

The AOL Spammer’s Gold Sweepstakes gives people a shot at winning a notorious spammer’s yellow Hummer H2, as well as cash and gold.

Mixed Messages From Microsoft’s Spam-King Settlement?

Microsoft with some help from the New York Attorney Gerneral’s office has won a $7 million settlement from Spam King Scott Richter.

Russias Biggest Spammer Murdered

Moscow investigators report that greed, not anti-spamming nor a contract, resulted in Vardan Kushnir’s death.

Did Anti-Spam Gang Kill Russian Spammer?

Certain anti-spam parties have made threats in the past against some of the world’s more notorious spammers.

Spammer Gets 9-Year Sentence

A Virginia Court gave Jeremy Jaynes, who was convicted of sending bulk emails with spoofed addresses, a nine-year sentence on Friday.

Judge To Spammer: You’ve Got Nine Years

A Loudoun County Circuit Judge sentenced Jeremy Jaynes, who was convicted of sending unsolicited emails, to nine years in prison in the nation’s first felony prosecution resulting from a spam-related case.

Are you making these Deadly SEO Mistakes?

Black Hat SEO: Web Spamming and Linking to Bad Neighborhoods

New York Attorney General And Spammer Settle Case

Scott Richter, CEO of direct marketing firm OptInRealBing.com, LLC, and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer have reached a settlement. Richter was sued last December, accused of sending misleading spam email messages with fraudulent information. I first reported on this lawsuit earlier this month.

Microsoft Rings Up Spammer for $4 Million

Microsoft has been awarded nearly $4 million in the company’s latest legal victory against spam. In a summary judgment against Daniel Khoshnood of Canoga Park, California, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California ruled in favor of Microsoft.

The Spammer and the Entrepreneur, Gaining Success Without Being Placed in Handcuffs

Granted the above title sounds like some lazy day romance novel you may find someone reading this summer by the pool. The fact of the matter is, the “art” of spamming has become a crime.

“But They Said the List was Opt-in!” Don’t Become an Unwitting SPAMMER.

Spam. A dirty word for those on the Internet. Also called UCE, or unsolicited commercial email, spam is when someone sends you their offer without your express consent.

How NOT to Appear Like a Spammer

You’ve probably received something that is called SPAM. SPAM is unsolicited email commercial. Many people harvest other people’s email addresses on email and web forums and send them info that they didn’t request. This is very frustrating because you loose your precious time deleting those unwanted messages. In this article I will try to explain how NOT to appear like a spammer.

Protect Yourself from Being Called a Spammer
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The purpose of this article is to help website owners, writers, internet marketers to protect themselves from being accused of spamming.