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Does Your Internet Seem Slower Today? It Might Be Due To A Massive Cyberattack Does Your Internet Seem Slower Today? It Might Be Due To A Massive Cyberattack
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The most popular form of cyberattack anymore is the Distributed Denial of Service attack. These DDoS attacks rarely affect anyone outside of those attempting to access the attacked Web site, but a recent DDoS attack is proving to have widespread …

Google Takes Third Spot on Spam List

Spamhaus is a non-profit organization dedicated to tracking the Internet’s spam operations. They have just released a new list of the top ten ISPs used for spam purposes, and the big G is number 3 on the list with 21 current known spam issues.

Judge Denies Suspension Of Spamhaus Domain

Spamhaus.org garnered its first win in court, now that the company has decided to show up, against e360Insight. US District Court Judge Charles Kocaras denied a sweeping motion filed by e360 to order the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and domain registrar Tucows to suspend Spamhaus’ domain name.

Spamhaus To Appeal Default Judgment

After some impressive jurisdiction-based grandstanding, United Kingdom-based Spamhaus has decided to get into the Illinois court ring after all. The nonprofit organization has enlisted the aid of Chicago pro-bono attorneys to appeal a default judgment in favor of alleged spammer e360 Insight.

ICANN Won’t Suspend Spamhaus

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) posted notice that it had neither the ability nor the authority to suspend the domain spamhaus.org. ICANN was requested to do so after Spamhaus ignored a US court default judgment ordering the company to pay $11.7 million in damages to e360Insight.