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Cosmonaut Wants Booze in Space

Want a wet bar in space? A Russian cosmonaut does. Salizhan Sharipov just got back from the International Space Station and thinks a little liquor would help them do their jobs better.

Corel Eyeing Microsofts Office Space

Dangling the low-cost alternative carrot in front of small businesses, Corel releases WordPerfect Office 12, complete with e-mail.

Cassini Space Probe Sees Earths Past in Titan

The Cassini probe, which circles Saturn’s moon, Titan, continues to find information which many scientists believe could be quite similar to Earth in it’s primordial past.

International Space Team Home Safely

The early evening sky of northern Kazakhstan was dotted by a descending space capsule en route to a soft landing on “saturated” ground. Landing upright, search-and-rescue helicopters followed the capsule as it touched down 50 miles north of Arkalyk.

NASAs Spitzer Spots Space Dust

NASA’s space telescope has spotted what may be dust from asteroids banging together much like in the old video game around a star quite similar to our own sun.

Rocket Takes Crew To Space Station to Relieve Current Crew

Yesterday a Russian rocket carrying a 3-man international crew was launched from Kazakhstan.

CNET Heats up Digital Photo Space

Congrats to James Park. He’s president of Windup Labs. That’s the company that did HeyPix and they just sold to CNET.

International Space Station Expecting New Cargo Ship

An unmanned Russian cargo ship is preparing to launch so that it can make the journey to re-supply the International Space Station.

NASA Reduces Shuttle Trips For Space Station Completion

With a number of exciting events occuring, the International space station has been the subject of much talk the last couple of days.

Space Station Crew Completes First Spacewalk

The two-man crew of the International Space Station completed their first spacewalk, performing maintenance on the facility.

The Earth-Like World of Titan

European Space Agency scientists report the first look at data from Huygens’ descent and landing on Titan shows the Saturnian moon has Earth-like geophysical processes operating on exotic materials in very alien conditions.

Intelsat Satellite Lost in Space

Intelsat’s IS-804 satellite experienced a sudden and unexpected electrical power system anomaly that caused the total loss of the spacecraft.

Yahoo and Google in Same Space, Different Business Models

Interesting report by Michael Liedtke that looks at how Yahoo and Google appear to compete in the same industry, but with different business models.

More About Web Hosting Differences – 1 of 3

A few Gnomies have been writing me ever since I posted my article about differences in the Web hosting world as it relates to the different plan options you have to choose from. Here’s one of those messages:

New Version of Google Groups Launched

Shannon Bauman, Associate Product Manager of Google Groups announced the launch of a new and improved Google Groups.

New Business Alliances Deepen Albridge Solutions Presence in Market Space

Albridge Solutions (formerly StatementOne Inc.) has strengthened its position as the principal provider of financial reporting, accounting and data solutions among financial institutions and independent brokers as new clients and business alliances deepen Albridge’s presence in the market space.

Useful Tips for Evaluating Your Meeting Venue Options

However, large or small the meeting, location is key. Your environment, formal or informal, helps set the necessary mood and ambiance for the meeting to take place. Think about choosing a comfortable, yet stimulating environment that encourages attendees to concentrate, but beware of making it too cozy and relaxing that they’re likely to fall asleep.

NASA: US – Russia Space Crew Returns To Earth

After traveling more than 78 million miles in their six months aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 9 Commander Gennady Padalka and Flight Engineer Mike Fincke safely returned to Earth today.

Actively Monitoring Disk Free Space
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Why care about disk free space?

The obvious answer is that low free space means upcoming problems, like the inability to receive mail (for mail servers) or the inability to store new files (for file servers). There are numerous obvious reasons why free space is an operations management priority.

Yahoo RSS Plan Yields Additional Advertising Space

With XML and RSS being thoroughly embraced by the web community, capitalizing financially from content syndication is the next logical step. In what would seemingly follow the Moreover.com format, Yahoo has announced that they are planning on offering an advertising service that will allow for sponsored links to be placed within syndication feeds.

Basic Graphic Design

Wether you design your business brochures, flyers, web page, or ads there are some things that you need to know. There are some basic graphic design principles that those of us trained in the commercial art/graphic design field don’t always share. Here’s a short list of elements of graphic design that you can use today.