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Jake Gyllenhaal Explains How Parents’ Divorce Changed Him Forever

Jake Gyllenhaal says the divorce of his parents seven years ago changed him forever. The Southpaw actor was already established as an actor and a grown man when his parents, director Stephen Gyllenhaal and screenwriter Naomi Foner finalized their divorce in 2009, but Gyllenhaal says the sudden shift in his personal life caused him to hit pause on the direction …

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Kelly Ripa Calls ‘Southpaw’ Star Jake Gyllenhaal ‘Perfect’

Kelly Ripa got it right when she called Southpaw star Jake Gyllenhaal “perfect” this week. The morning talk show hostess went all weak at the knees at the sight of Jake Gyllenhaal on his appearance of Live With Michael and Kelly to promote his flick Southpaw. As soon as he walked out onto the stage, Kelly Ripa asked if she …

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Rachel McAdams Talks “Gross” Onscreen Death

Rachel McAdams spoke recently about her co-star’s stunning transformation (caution: spoilers ahead!) for Southpaw, saying that Jake Gyllenhaal really committed not only to the physical aspects of becoming boxer Billy Hope, but to the emotional ones as well. And while it’s clear that Gyllenhaal gave his all to the role, McAdams is earning praise for doing the same, even getting …

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Rachel McAdams Runs, Guns, Boxes, Then Pukes

Rachel McAdams puts her all into her roles. She’s not about to let her male costars outpace her. Recently, when shooting an intense and physically demanding scene for True Detective, Rachel McAdams was all about keeping up her energy, being in top shape for the part. But something went horribly wrong. “That one took about five days,” Rachel McAdams said. …

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Rachel McAdams On Why She Boxed On The Set Of New Movie

Rachel McAdams doesn’t play a boxer in her new film Southpaw, but her on-screen husband–played by Jake Gyllenhaal–does, and she said she dove deep into her role in order to play the character right. For McAdams, that included taking up boxing and practicing on set. “I figured Maureen would understand boxing really well. She’d make it her business to know …

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Rachel McAdams & Jake Gyllenhaal A New Couple?

A romantic dinner date or just two co-stars sharing a meal together? Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal were spotted out together having dinner a few days ago at a restaurant called Meat and Potatoes in Pittsburgh. However, before rumors spread like wildfire about a budding romance, it’s important to note that the two are currently in production in the Steel …

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