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Soul Sacrifice Comes To The Vita’s Rescue Today

The PlayStation Vita is in a bit of a rough spot. It doesn’t have a lot of great games. Sony hopes to remedy that situation by just a bit today with the handheld’s latest release. Soul Sacrifice, a new title from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, launches today in the US exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. In celebration of the …

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Soul Sacrifice From Keiji Inafune Heading Westward

Keiji Inafune is one name that every self respecting gamer knows alongside the likes of Shigeru Miyamoto and Sid Meier. He’s credited as being the creator of Mega Man and was instrumental in the development of many franchises that Capcom still publishes regularly including Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Lost Planet. He left Capcom a few years ago and is …

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