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H1Z1 Is The Latest MMO To Take Zombies For A Spin

Since its inception as an Arma 2 mod, DayZ has been one of the most popular zombie games around. What makes the game so popular, however, isn’t because of zombies, but rather the interactions players have with others. After all, you have more to fear from the living than the dead in a zombie apocalypse, or something like that. Now …

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Left 4 Dead Started With A Heist

Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise is one of the most popular in gaming and for good reason. It made the zombie genre fun again by pushing the focus on co-op survival (or betrayal) while complimenting the normal zombies with unique infections. The Left 4 Dead comics have gone a long way to fleshing out the story, but what caused it …

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PlayStation Network Not The Only Breach, Says Sony

Sony has just announced that the scope of their “external intrusion” is much greater than they had thought. Of course, the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services have been down since on or about April 19th.  Sony has confirmed that its servers were breached and personal information was stolen by an unknown group. Now, it looks like user information from Sony’s …

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