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Sony Sells Its Madison Avenue Headquarters For $1.1 Billion Sony Sells Its Madison Avenue Headquarters For $1.1 Billion
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Sony Corporation of America this week announced that it has sold its Madison Avenue headquarters building. The building, located at 550 Madison Avenue in New York City, has been sold to a consortium led by The Chetrit Group, the owner …

Deep Linking Issues Return As Music Lawsuit Hits Baidu, Sohu
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Chinese search engines Baidu and Sohu face millions in penalties as Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music demand satisfaction over links to songs controlled by the labels.

Amazon Gets Sony BMG Tracks

UPDATED: The entire Sony BMG catalog will be available on Amazon MP3 beginning later this month. Sony BMG is the last major label to drop DRM

Sony BMG, DRM Free, Heads To Amazon
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The glaringly missing online component to Sony BMG’s plan to sell music without DRM turned out to be a newly revealed deal with Amazon.com.

Sony BMG Becomes Last Major Label to Drop DRM

BusinessWeek is reporting and our sources confirm that Sony BMG will offer at least part of its catalog available DRM free in the first quarter of the year making it the

Yahoo, Sony BMG Partner Over Video-On-Demand

Destination Handycam seemed like a marketing ploy as much as the result an important partnership, but the site, which was worked on by both Sony and Yahoo, may have led to the current development: a deal relating to music and video content.

MySpace, Sony BMG (Finally) Make Deal

Thanks to a new deal between MySpace and Sony BMG, users of the social network should gain special access to streaming music videos, and other odds and ends, including limited audio content, may also become available.

Sony BMG Signs Deal With Imeem
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Sony BMG has inked a deal with online social media network Imeem to make its music available on the ad-supported music service.

Google Syndicating Video Through AdSense

Google is bringing video to AdSense, and they’re doing it right now. Though there were sightings of the new contextual video ads, real buzz didn’t develop until the New York Times confirmed Dow Jones, Conde Nast and Sony BMG were in on it.

Sony BMG In Digital Music Trouble

The Allman Brother Band and Cheap Trick have hit Sony BMG with a federal lawsuit accusing it of cheating the bands out of royalties.