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Barkhad Abdi May Be An Oscar Nominee, But He Did Not Become Rich

Anyone that has been following the recent awards season is clearly aware of the name Barkhad Abdi, the Somali-American actor who became a household name through his role in Captain Phillips. Despite the fact that he was nominated for every major award, including the Oscars, for his best supporting actor role in the film, Barkhad Abdi is struggling to make …

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The Ultimate Piracy Deterrent: Britney Spears Music?

The Daily Mirror reports that merchant sea captains who sail off the coast of Africa repeatedly deal with pirate attacks and have found solace in the most unlikely of weapons: Britney Spears’ early catalog. The effects of the music are witnessed almost instantly. As Somali raiders armed with assault rifles approach a merchant ship, the crew blasts “… Baby One …

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