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SOMA Will Take Place Under The Sci-Fi Sea

When SOMA was first announced, many of us assumed the game would take place in space. After all, the developers said it was borrowing elements from sci-fi and the environments looked like they took a cue from the H.R. Giger’s design book. While the game is still firmly a sci-fi game, SOMA will instead take place somewhere even more mysterious …

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PS4 Horror Game Soma Gets New Trailer

The PS4 is quickly becoming a console for survival-horror fans. Just last month, PC indie horror title Outlast launched on the console, and Daylight will be coming out in April. Next year, the guys who took indie horror mainstream will be bringing their game to the console. Frictional Games, the team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent, shared a new trailer …

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New ‘Soma’ Teaser Previews Dark Atmosphere

Back in October, indie horror studio Frictional Games officially announced its next survival horror title, Soma. In contrast to the developer’s past Amnesia games, Soma has a sci-fi setting and a decidedly different feel about it. The game’s reveal didn’t show much in the way of story, though creative director Thomas Grip did throw out some themes he was focusing …

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Horror Game ‘Soma’ Announced for PlayStation 4 and PC

This week and last, Frictional Games began teasing a new sci-fi game. Two trailers were released, each showing unsettling footage of robots acting strangely. It seemed, based on the teaser site, that Frictional was set to tease the game for weeks. Today, however, the developer has officially unveiled Soma. Soma will be another horror game from Frictional, which is best-known …

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‘Amnesia’ Makers Continue to Tease Sci-Fi Game

Last week Frictional Games, the makers of the Amnesia horror games, put up a new teaser website for what is, presumably, the studio’s next game. The site and a live-action teaser trailer show what appears to be a new sci-fi game that incorporates artificial intelligence in some way. Today, Frictional released yet another teaser for Soma through the website. Like …

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‘Amnesia’ Creators Reveal New ‘Soma’ Project, Trailer

After a countdown on the “nextfrictionalgame” website, Frictional Games has revealed its next project, Soma. The project has not been fully revealed, however, and all the information about the game comes from the cryptic website somasystems.org. The website appears to be a viral marketing campaign for the game, with a series of “case files” that might be revealed in the …

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