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Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Auctioned for $620,000

While the high profile marriage of Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries was short-lived, the money for the engagement ring was definitely long. The 20-carat engagement ring, which was the last surviving remnant of the infamous 72-day marriage has made headlines yet again. But it has nothing to do with wedding bells. Its strictly a business transaction this time …

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Global Gaming Factory Buys Up Pirate Bay

 (UPDATED) News began to trickle out in the wee hours this morning that The Pirate Bay has been sold to Global Gaming Factory X AB for $4 US million in cash plus an equal amount in stock. GGF develops gaming software and operates internet cafes and gaming centers in Scandinavia.  Details are vague, but the original team will still stay involved and promise to keep the site much the same.

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