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Sohu Reports Strong Second Quarter

The best of China will be put on display during the Olympics – the most beautiful landscapes, the cleanest streets, and the happiest citizens.  Don’t be surprised if a Sohu banner turns up, too, as the search company’s second-quarter results were quite impressive.

Deep Linking Issues Return As Music Lawsuit Hits Baidu, Sohu
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Chinese search engines Baidu and Sohu face millions in penalties as Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music demand satisfaction over links to songs controlled by the labels.

Sohu Will Soon Share Videos

Sohu’s getting into video sharing; new reports indicate that “China’s premier online brand” will launch a service within the next week.  This should nicely round out Sohu’s current crop of products.

Google Peeks At Sohu’s Paper?

It didn’t look good – Google released a new tool in China last week, and the thing bore an uncanny resemblance to a competitor’s product.  Now it’s definitely bad – Google has admitted that, because it used "some non-Google database resources," some of Sohu’s technology may have been recycled.