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Cronut Bakery Reopens Tuesday After Mouse Infestation

On Friday April 4, the Commissioner of Health and Mental Hygiene closed down Dominique Ansel Bakery in the Soho area of Manhattan, New York following a rodent infestation. The bakery is famously known for cronuts-a crème-filled croissant-mixed-donut. Loyal customers line the sidewalk of 189 Spring St. daily to grab one of these sweet treats-sometimes even before the store opens. These desserts have …

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Dinner With Two PR Legends

Two names that are well known in the global online PR community are Mike Manuel and Josh Hallett.

Based in the US, both are with Voce Communications, a West-coast PR firm.

Mike and Josh will be in London next week and we’re planning a social get-together in London on Saturday April 12.

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Yahoo Exec Leaves For Facebook

Blake Chandlee was a fairly important guy at Yahoo, and he wasn’t just some quick-on-his-feet opportunist; Chandlee spent about four years with the company.  But he’s now moved on, and Facebook is reportedly the cause of Chandlee’s departure.

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Facebook’s London Audience Increases

New York’s network on Facebook is impressive, but not the biggest out there – both Vancouver and Toronto have it beat.  London’s the dominant location, however, and a Facebook employee made note of this fact over the weekend.

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Facebook Packs Its Bags For Britain

Facebook’s big, but in the UK, Bebo’s bigger – according to Hitwise, this social networking site has about 1.5 times the market share of its American competitor.  Facebook would, of course, like to change this, and to that end, it’s opening an office in London.

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VoIP Advantages and Pitfalls for Small Businesses

If you’re just starting your business you may not have an office with a dedicated phone line, which can be an expensive hassle.

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Internet Fax Machines for the SOHO User

If you work in a small office/home office environment (often referred to as a “SOHO” environment) then you can appreciate “convergence” products that allow one device to do the work of many other devices.

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VoIP Small Business/Home Business Advantage

Small businesses, home-based businesses, and self-employed individuals have been turning to internet telephone service (also called broadband phone or VOIP) in droves.

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Cannon Targets SOHO Market

Launch of New PIXMA(TM) Inkjet Photo Printers, Photo All-in-Ones and imageCLASS Laser MFPs Bring Outstanding Value, Quality, and Performance to Consumer and SOHO Users.

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Expand Your Sales By Serving The SOHO Sector

The small office/home office (SOHO) market is the fastest-growing business sector in the country. Its population has been estimated at more than 25 million businesses, with that number expected to rise to more than 32 million by the end of 2003. The SOHO market’s purchasing power already tops $100 billion per year.

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How Web Designers Sell Themselves

Are you one of those Web designers who design quite well, but don’t have time to work on your own site? Savvy Web surfers looking for designers expect a great deal from a site offering Web development/design.

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SOHO Help!

As an operator of a home-based business website, I often get mail that reads something like this:

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Multitech RF550VPN SOHO VPN Router

Multitech’s new SOHO RF550VPN Router is an inexpensive ($179.00 list ) Internet access router with VPN capabilities suitable for home or small office use.

Features not found in lower end products include

  • Five (5) IPSEC VPN tunnels

  • Automatic dialup to emergency ISP if WAN connection fails
  • Both client and WAN side filtering
  • Virtual servers (inward port redirection)
  • Redirect RF550VPN logging to a syslog server
  • Flash upgradable firmware

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